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Happy Birthday, Baby

This is a holiday week – a week where people focus a little bit more on being Thankful.

This is a birthday week – where a day that others celebrate as Thanksgiving, I will celebrate as Alpha Hubby’s birthday. Yes, his birthday falls on Thanksgiving day this year.  Appropriate since it is also a day I am very thankful for him.

My heart truly belongs to him. 

Look at me now.
I thought I was near the end,
Then you came along,
When I needed a friend.

I was not near the end. I was there. The End. I was done with romance. I hadn’t dated in so long I forgot what it felt like. Then, there he was – he came along and captured my heart, completely.

And you made me love again,
Somehow you found me,
Wrapped your love around me.

I was never, ever going to “fall in love” ever again. And it is so true that he wrapped his love around me and changed my mind about everything true love. 

Now my heads up in the clouds, when I’m around you.
I just want to say, everyday, thank God I found you.

I will move heaven and earth, give you my heart,
For all that it’s worth.
You are mine – til the end of time.

I don’t care what we’ve both been through.
Till the end my heart belongs to you.

My heart belongs to you, baby. I don’t know how you found me but I am so thankful that you did. I’m thankful that you persevered though all my freak-outs, my fear, my concern you were an axe-murderer in disguise – come to hack my heart apart even more.

You are my heart.
You are my everything.
The moon and the stars and the air that I breath.
And you gave me strength again.
Somehow you found me,
Wrapped your love around me.


You know why, I’m love shy.
I don’t want to hurt anymore.
I’ve been hurt before.
And I know I am saving my love for you.
I’m gonna keep you safe and warm.
I do love you.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY. My heart belongs to you. Thank you for keeping it safe. Thank you for being trustworthy so I could give it to you for safekeeping. Thank you for loving me like you do. It is truly supernatural.

Guess what you’re getting for your birthday…


No, seriously guess! Bet you can’t guess. Awww…. you cheated. You peeked!

♥ My Heart Belongs To You – Peabo Bryson & Jim Brickman

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby

    1. Leland says “thank you!” and you and Pieter have an amazing Thanksgiving full of good family, friends and food!

  1. Yeah for gifts!!!! Treasures that are of great value are always hidden for ones who will search for and esteem them as precious and from God. God showed me a hidden treasure in you the first day I met you in your cubicle. You were very distant because of all the hurts from people throughout your life who never saw the treasure in you (or even bothered to look for it). They would cast it aside because they couldn’t see beyond but with God’s help I overcame all the walls that you put up. You are the greatest gift from God. You had lots of love to give and I needed a lot of love. I had a lot of my own issues that you loved me through. Thanks BayBay for being perfect for me.

    1. You’re trying to make me cry, aren’t you!? It’s working. I am so blessed you “SAW” me, loved me and took me home, George!

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