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Frustrated woman
Frustrated Woman. I wonder, has she been dealing with outsourced customer service?


Sooo.  Since the last SNAFU that I had on this blog, I lost heart and hated, hated, hated my big ole Yippie web hosting provider.  No offense to anyone
from there, but my provider switched their customer service to Ind$a and the poor rep and I could not understand one another.  He was nice but useless, too, when he said, “I cannot fix your problem so you will have to rebuild your entire website.”

EXCUSE ME???  This was the third phone call this week (and the 6th mess up of my blog and/or websites in the past few months).  None of the reps could fix the problem even though late last year I had the same problem and the rep had NO problem helping me.  El-girrrrrrrr-O.  And today the rep flat told me something I knew was not true.  And when I called him on it he just started talking about something else.


Alpha Hubby has come unglued because he was paying one heck of a lot of money to our host for all our domains and websites.  He said, “Find someone else, NOW.  I am not paying them to Jill me around anymore. You handle it or I’m going to and repent later.”

His major frustration was that the sites were down or lost more often than up this past several months – and there was no help from the famous customer service peeps.  OH, well, I guess they’re not that group of people anymore because… Yippie outsourced to Ind$a.  Outsourced to a group of people who apparently aren’t up on the company’s policies or abilities, and have yet to help me since I began chatting with them.  Nice though they are about not helping me.  I want my other customer reps back!

I had one domain name with another provider that I’d never bothered to transfer to my big ole Yippie provider.  I checked and discovered we could be paying HALF – HALF!! – what we’re paying now.  In case you’re wondering, it is a chunk of change.  I wonder if Alpha Hubby will let me have the difference to spend on wonderous things?

overworked woman

So now I am in process of transferring all our domain names and web related things to someone else.  It is just nuts what you have to do just to switch.  Backing up some things ONE at a time if I don’t use some email transferring program.  Why?  Because big ole Yippie provider doesn’t allow you to back up your emails anymore.  Woofs.

And they say we’re better off in the electronic information age.  Sure we are, until our provider goes down or our Cloud bursts!


6 thoughts on “Having Fun

  1. Nan!! Hello!!! I’m back! If it’s any consolation, your blog looks great! I love the new look! Sleek and classy, my friend. Here’s hoping you get this mess sorted out so you can get back to stress-free mode with Alpha Hubby! Hugs! 🙂

  2. The first guy we hired to network our office computers back in the early 1990’s soon left for drug rehab. The second crew soon earned the moniker, “the AntiChrist”. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with technology ever since.

    1. You are right. That’s why I try not to depend on it too much. Everyone saves their stuff to the Cloud without thought – what if the Cloud goes down?

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