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He Is Everything

Today’s Song:  Everything (Michale Buble)  Lyrics here:

Sometimes I get emails from women accusing me of not keeping it real, of shading or only sharing the good stuff about my relationship with Alpha Hubby.


You wanna know the bad stuff?  Huh?  The ugly stuff? You REALLY want to know?  You want to get off thinking we rarely see one another?  You want to believe he runs around with the office trollop?  Think he hangs with his buds all the time and ignores me?  Hope he drinks himself into a stupor and dances with the cows by moonlight? You hope that what I have isn’t real?

Well, tough noogies, baby.  None of that goes on.  What Alpha Hubby and I do have is the occasional bump of two individuals living in the same house.  Sometimes we don’t always see eye-to-eye.  I know if he’d just give it up and see things my way every single time, we’d have less head-bumping but there it is.  He is a separate individual.  With foibles.  He thinks he’s right.  All the time.


Sometimes there are raised voices.  Um… voice.  Mine.  I’m the verbally mouthy one.  He is the calm one.  His calmness often calms me down.  Sometimes his calmness makes me so mad I want to hit him.  So I do.  Of course he’s prepared and tightens his arm muscles so it doesn’t hurt (haw. Like I could).  And this happens less often than it did in the beginning of our marriage.  Really! 

He works very hard to make me laugh in the middle of a snit.  Which makes me snittier – if that is a word – because I want to STAY in a snit.  But you just can’t stay in a snit when you’re laughing.  It’s impossible.  Have you ever mad-laughed?  You’re holding on with all your fingernails to that mad-on and laughing and mad because you can’t stay mad so there goes your perfect snit?  Yeah.  Me, too.

There is a scripture in the Bible about not letting the sun go down on your wrath – or go to bed angry.  We had a 3 day silent spell in our first year of marriage.  I didn’t like it.  Made my stomach hurt.  We didn’t do that again.  I know why the Bible encourages people not to go to bed angry.

 Beautiful woman trying to kiss a man

It is because nothing makes me even more angry than someone who shall remain nameless on the other side of the bed snoring away when I am in a snit and can’t get to sleep.  How fair is that???  Do you KNOW how WRONG that is?  Does he not know that I’m in a snit and need that snit recognized as a Class A #1 Snit?  Ignoring the snit makes the snit more powerful – thus the 3-days.  How DARE he sleep when I am in a major snit meltdown? 

The truth is I now get over a snit fast-fast.  We don’t have 3-day silent treatments since that first one.  And he never holds on to anything – no snits, no anger, no attitudes.  He’s calm.  He lets it go as if he was never upset. Also, together we have worked very hard to grow the heck up and take good care of what we have. 

He is my everything.  Like the song says, “Whatever comes our way, we’ll see it through.  And you know that’s what our love can do.”  We chose in advance that we would get through anything – together.  Because together, we are formidable!  We are undefeatable!  We are victors!  Together.

He is my everything.  As I am his everything.  And if we just remember that – that he is the most important person in my life as I am his – and we work to keep it that way, there is nothing we can’t do.  Together.

couple kiss forehead

He is my everything.  I get to kiss him anytime I want to, just because I can.

He is my everything.  If I protect that, I win.  Everything.

6 thoughts on “He Is Everything

  1. I haven’t been by in a while and I have missed you. I love reading about you and alpha hubby so much, although it makes me sad as I’m now going on 4 months separated from my hubby. Take care Nan and here’s wishing you all the very best for Valentines.

    Lisa XX

  2. Thanks for visiting via High Heeled Life. I’ve visited you before but since I’m not at all into losing weight (contrary) I did not stop frequently here.
    Hope you are doing well and enjoy life in winter time together. For us that’s always a time for fixing things, renovating and getting things work better and smooth for when the sun comes back with its warmth.
    Hugs to you,

  3. WITNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! To anyone out there in e-world that doesn’t think this wonderful women is not telliing the ABSOLUTE truth about their romance and constant love and affection, and day to day lives, and interactions….let me just say, cah cah. ITS ALL TRUE! These two, from day one, had something magical, something God gave them, two people who God made to be together 4 EVER, through it all. They are the real deal. I’ve seen it with my own eyes!! They are what we all dream of, and they deserve each other like you wouldn’t believe. And Nan, your occassional little “snit” here and there, and his calmness while your “snitting”, is too funny, and it reminds me of Joyce and Dave Meyer, in their early marraige. It made her so mad, because, no matter what she was freaking out about, yelling and screaming or whatever, Dave remained calm and happy. And with you….my dear friend of a thousand years, do not have many “snits”, because you still melt when you see him. So…just saying, to anybody out there who thinks these to are too good to be true….think again. Its a true live, real time, right now, love story. Be happy to know that people like these guys still exist, cause they do!!!! Love you both, Tam

  4. Life is too short to have snits. If one is in a snit they aren’t having fun and you know having fun is better. Snits cause you to miss out on so much in life and they also ruin a mood!!!!!!

  5. So let me get this straight. His foible is that he thinks he’s right all the time? My guy has that very same problem. I love your valentine. Is that a real one? It is so awesome!!!

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