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He is My Sweetest Passion

(Alpha Hubby of 24 Years)



I gaze as the moon shimmers across his naked body
lost in the thought of who he is
and how blessed I am he’s in my life,
And how it is this passion is
hotter than it was in the beginning.
24 Years of YUM!

This man lying in my bed
emanating strength and power
boldly going where no man has gone before
taking a chance on me and
loving me totally, unconditionally, wholly.

Oh! Those who have no clue
that true love really exists
That a man can be faithful
and a man can love
even when the perfection of first attraction
slows to the love of imperfection by world standards

He didn’t swoop into my life to tear it up
As so many others had.
He slipped in – almost unnoticed
Tentatively reaching toward me
To join our lives as one.

He was so quiet and unassuming
I almost missed his worth
But as we meshed our lives together
And he grew comfortable in our love
He became someone else…
Magic man who loves unconditionally
And saw exactly who I was
behind the icy barriers of protection
And his strength
And his power
And his love
Melted all objections away
That I am worthy of his love.


Poem Copyright ©2007 Nan C. Loyd


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