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He Keeps Me Safe

I read a Facebook post by Eric and Pamela Hutchins, a romantic couple whomake you want to puke(her own words). They are the kind of couple where people (their kids) say “Ewww, you guys! Get a room”. The best kind of couple. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they are a beautiful couple!

Eric Pamela
Eric & Pamela

Eric is always bragging on Pamela, her abilities (she’s an award winning author), her joy of life and her love for him. She is always mentioning things about him that she loves. Reading their quips to one another on their posts shows HOW couples need to talk to and about one another.

I’ll mention other couples I know in later posts.

So I said all that to say this: there are reasons you are with your loved one. There are reasons you said “yes” when he asked your to be his (or vice versa) or developed a relationship with you. There are reasons you thought he (she) was the most amazing person to ever come into your life.

Those positive reasons are what you need to remember and focus on more than anything else going on in your relationship.  Focus on what is right about them. Focus on remembering their good points. Focus on why you fell in love. Focus on their best and even more importantly, talk about it, to them, to others.


I wrote this post because I was thinking about a line I read in a book. The female character said, “He keeps me safe.”

I’m talking it. Alpha Hubby keeps me safe. It isn’t because he caught a baseball falling toward my head (twice) at a Little League baseball game Alpha Son was in. 

No, it is because he once told me in all seriousness: “Don’t you realize I would die for you?”

That shocked me. I had no idea. I’d come out of abusive relationships with no idea how it felt for someone to truly love me unconditionally. ALL of me (I’d had those who loved me for my good side but not in my uglies).

Probably the number one way he keeps me safe is to work with me to make our marriage “days of heaven on earth” and keeping the honeymoon going even after 22 years. He is as determined as I am to keep us safe.

Then he did something like this a few years ago. He wrote on my white board where I kept notes to myself. I deleted the notes part because what he said was the most important thing. I need to spray sealer on it because I will never erase it.

board note

It says, “I would have never hurt you or abused you or misused you. I would like to make people that has [sic] done those things to pay!!  I am not that sanctified.” As he put it to me, “I can always repent later.”

Speaking of notes, though, lest you think he’s perfect. He knows I HATE all things buggy, slippery, spidery, you know – icky things. One night before I went to bed I noticed a lizard had gotten in the living room door. I left Alpha Hubby a note thinking “He’s such a hero and knows I hate these things. He will take care of this for me.”

Yeah, no.

Lizard Note

I let him know it was small so would probably be hard to find.  In case you can’t see his reply:

Lizard Note small reply

Not the answer I was looking for. At all. But he did redeem himself – he found said tiny lizard and set him outside.

This explains WHY I have to make multiple answer questions easy on him – so he’ll answer correctly.

love napkin crop

p.s., no he doesn’t leave his clothes lying around – he’s neater than I am. He does do my car, wash dishes, cook, work around the house, would do anything I ask of him (vacuum), takes care of spiders, snakes, bugs, and lizards!! OH and skunks (yes, one got in the ceiling somehow).

Best of all? He takes care of me.


9 thoughts on “He Keeps Me Safe

  1. Relationships can, and do, get better and better if you both work at it. It’s 35 years and counting for my lady and me and we’ve never been closer or happier.

  2. Is it weird that I love my husband more now than the day we were married almost 34 years ago? So, I’m never looking for what made us be together in the first place. I almost can’t even remember. We were grown ups when we married, ages 27 and 28, and we already both had careers, lawyer – physician, but I feel as though, in a way, we’ve grown up together. He has always been very present in our marriage. We raised our two sons together, we buried parents and a sibling together and we’ve been blessed with the good health to be able to enjoy our empty nest. In some ways, the empty nest on this end, is less fraught than the one when we were in our 20’s, when we weren’t sure how everything was going to turn out. I think we both take that “for better or for worse” thing very seriously and we instinctively trying to be each other’s port in the storm. Nice post. Made me think.

    1. It’s always nice to know I can make you think (smile)! I like what you said and it sounds like you to have been best friends all this time, too!

  3. Never forget to have fun and relax because life is too short to get hung up on a baby lizard. It was on my to do list. No, I didn’t slay the dragon yet but it is also on my to do list.

    1. What dragon? See? That’s what comes when you keep the dragon info away from me. I am relaxed and happy! You take care of the dragon and I’ll take care of you.

  4. Great post! and as always spot on … great reminder – that we need to remember why we fell in love in the first place. the events of every day life can clutter that. thanks for being a relationship Light ..hugs, Celia

    1. You are right – life can get in the way. We had to learn not to let it and to always put ourselves first over everything (except God, of course).

  5. Ah, you surprised me. That’s one of our favorite recent pictures. Such an awesome post. I love the check yes or yes paper towel note. But what you say is so important and true. I hope that people needing to hear those words (read them) today will be inspired to back and DO (not try, but DO) those things and set the ball in motion with their own love.

    Love YOU!


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