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He’s All I Need to Get By

I grew up with Motown songs. There are so many I’ve used on this blog to help express things both about Alpha Hubby and about the importance of certain things in our relationship.

This song is a perfect one because with One Exception, Alpha Hubby really is all I need to get by. That exception is, of course, God. He is the head of our marriage.  Alpha Son is out of the house living his own life now. All the parents are in heaven. We are alone in the house… uh oh!!

Like the sweet morning dew, I took one look at you
And it was plain to see, you were my destiny
With arms open wide, I threw away my pride
I’ll sacrifice for you, dedicate my life to you

Alpha Hubby likes to say that the first time he saw me, he felt drawn to me. We quickly began to realize that God had plans for us – I mean WHO marries 7 weeks after they meet? Alpha Hubby said he knew I was his destiny. I just had to get over my fear of possibly making a mistake.

(Those who know our story know we both had been told 2 weeks prior to our meet-cute that “someone” was coming… da dum da dum da dum… Jaws!!! – oh ignore me).

I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
And when I lose my will
You’ll be there to push me up the hill

I remember Alpha Hubby putting his hand on my cheek and asking me, “Will you tie your dreams to mine? Go wherever I go? See where God takes us?” And he has always pushed me to become my very best – to remember who I used to be before fear assaulted me and took over my life.

There’s no, no looking back for us
We got love sure ‘nough, that’s enough
You’re all, you’re all I need to get by

We did make the commitment that there would be no looking back – not into past relationships, not into past failures. We were going to be fresh and new, trusting that God put us together.

Like an eagle protects his nest, for you I’ll do my best
Stand by you like a tree, dare anybody to try and move me
Darling in you I found strength where I was torn down
Don’t know what’s in store but together we can open any door
Just to do what’s good for you and inspire you a little higher
I know you can make a man out of a soul that didn’t have a goal

He protects me and honestly does stand by me. I double-dog Scooby-do dare anyone to try and move him. I did come to him still carrying some torn-down places that God used him to help me heal. We know what’s in store – good things!

Together we face the world and truly have one another’s backs. We made promises to never say negative things to one another. We may get loud a little but NEVER do nasty accusations come out of our mouths.

He says he had no goals when we met. Life had kicked him in the teeth so – meh. He was surviving. Mine? To get by in the peace of my home – nothing else. Together we became inspired.

Cause we, we got the right foundation and with love and determination
You’re all, you’re all I want to strive for and do a little more
You’re all, all the joys under the sun wrapped up into one

Yep – it’s the truth. We have the Right foundation in our marriage. God is the glue because we both honor God first, then one another. We made permanent commitments that will never be shaken. I can honestly say that Alpha Hubby is who he is in our marriage because of who God is in his life. He will never dishonor God. Guess how that translates into our marriage?

We have fun. We keep things hawt. We have rules we live by so that we can have the very best relationship ever. I listen to his many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many cattle stories (sorry hon) and he listens to my very few tiny little weird things that draw my attention (bwahahahaha – it’s MY blog so I can say what I want to).

We have THE very best love affair evah!! And yep. He’s all I need to get by.

4 thoughts on “He’s All I Need to Get By

  1. Everyone who has had a bad relationship experience(s) should have to subscribe to your blog to restore their hope that things can be sooooo much better. Like you, I’ve had two kinds of marriages. The second one will celebrate it’s 36th year next month for which I am grateful everyday.

  2. Many?????? Really tiny, few???????????>>>>>???
    Read between the lines Baybay.

    Hang on because we are about to hit supersonic hyper speed on this next dream. It is really awesome and taking us to places beyond our dreams. Hang on, I’ve got this.

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