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Honesty, is such a lonely word…

Honesty is such a lonely word

Everyone is so untrue

Honesty is hardly ever heard

And mostly what I need from you

Those Billy Joel lyrics sum it all up.  I thing dishonesty is probably the easiest thing to walk in when you have a lot of weight to lose.  You don’t want everyone to know what you are dealing with (as if they can’t see it already).  You don’t want people to judge you for having gotten to this position.  You sure don’t want them to judge you if you fall off the wagon!

So many testimonies – people’s weight loss stories – make it sound like they just jumped on the weight-loss wagon and never had another problem.  They never dealt with binges.  They never ate cookies just because they were in front of their face.  They never bought anything they shouldn’t have.  They never hated to exercise and never had trouble doing it.  They for sure never fell off that weight loss wagon and quit!

I’ve read stories that make me shake my head and think, “If that is true, why doesn’t it work for me like that or for anyone else for that matter?”  Or their before and after pictures have been photo-shopped to death.  My favorite is someone who says, “I only have to lose 25 pounds” and you’re looking at them thinking, “Yeah, sure lady, go ahead and try to fool yourself ’cause you sure aren’t fooling the rest of the world.”

I truly believe for anyone to be successful in their weight-loss endeavor, they have to face facts and be honest with themselves.  The only person who doesn’t believe you look bad is YOU.  No one looks good 50-100+ pounds overweight.  It just isn’t possible.  Your mirror lies to you.  Your friends lie to you.  You lie to you.  It’s time to stop.  Being honest is one of the first steps to getting to the other side – a healthier, better-looking you.

And don’t even tell me you don’t mind how your body looks.  I say YOU LIE.  NO ONE likes being overweight with all the problems that accompany it (can’t tie your shoes anyone?).  When you tell yourself you’re OK with how you look, the truth is that you have given up because it is too hard to stick to a weight loss regime.  Be 100 percent honest with yourself: wouldn’t you enjoy being able to walk into any store on the planet and find something to wear?  Sure you would.  No one likes the plus-sized clothing problems that face plus-sized women – especially petite ones.

DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS THAN THE BEST FOR YOURSELF.  Do it for YOU and no one else.  You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be and live the best life you can live.  Don’t give up now – you’re on the verge of winning one of the hardest battles you’ve faced in life.  Don’t quit – be honest and stick to it.  And most of all?

If you fall off the wagon, just get up, brush yourself off and climb back on.  DON’T QUIT.