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Hot, Hot, Hot!

I’ve been married 15 years.  And I’m here to tell you, those 15 years have been:

Phew.  When I think of my life with Alpha Hubby these past years, I can honestly say that there is a place a couple can “live” that makes ordinary marriage pale in comparison.  It is beyond my wildest dreams and imaginings.  Most hope for, but few discover, this place.  I am a blessed woman.

Alpha Hubby is a haven for me.  He offered sanctuary 15 years ago and I took it.  I’ve never looked back, not one time.  In his love, I am not only complete, I am known and understood in a way no one else on earth has accomplished.  He is a total man and makes no apologies that he wants to take care of and protect me and our family.  Very old fashioned.  And I’m here to tell you – phew baby!

One reason I am sticking to this journey and NOT giving up is Alpha Hubby.  He is a man beyond what I ever dreamed of meeting and loving.  He’s been an amazing support in any endeavor I’ve tackled and believes in me so strongly, I sometimes think he is blinded by bias. 

I am winning this battle and when I get on the other side, look out!  Every meal I eat that is good for me – healthy, wholesome and low calorie – it is not only for me, it is for him.  I am learning to eat to live, not live to eat.  This is harder than you’d think – my family had celebrations around food.  It is OK to celebrate and still keep your eyes on the end goal.

Every time I break a sweat (and I HATE to sweat), I do it for him.  I have to go get into the fountain right now.  I have leg exercises to do.  That water whipped my bootie this past week.  It provides far more resistance than I ever dreamed.  Imagine when I can swim laps – whoo hoo!!  I can’t wait until I look smokin’ in my bathing suit – really.  And I am not going to cover up and say the politically correct things people are supposed to say when they give their reasons for losing weight.  I am losing weight to make hubby proud of how I look, even if he is the only one who sees me.  In a sense, I am doing it for me – ‘cause the benefits are outstanding!

And yes, I know that I have to be doing this for ME in order for it to really work.  But when I do it for him, I am doing it for me, too.  We are one and by golly, half of us needs to look a little less bulky!

2 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. WOOOWOOO!!!! I love this post. I am so happy that he is UBER supportive of you. It makes it one step easier to do this every day when you have that kind of support, acknowledgement, and recognition going on in the background.

    I am back. Did you miss me?

  2. A wise lady told me the other evening that it is actually just as hard to be overweight as it is to be healthy and work out. The choice is yours. I thought about it and had to agree. BayBay, you have made the right choice. It is like the saying Christmas will be here on Dec 25th no matter what. It is your choice as to the journey you take to get there. It will either be a journey of joy or one of misery. The choice should be obvious but strange enough the majority of people say, “Just one more night with the frogs and then I will choose the other.” Those will still be with the frogs come Christmas time or sleeping with the fishies. Let’s enjoy the journey and live a long life together!

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