frog crop

OR mice or roaches or frogs.

Remember that old Jim Stafford song about a clueless guy who says, “I got silly and found a frog, in the water by a hollow log; And I shook it at her and I said, ‘This frog’s for you!’ She said, ‘I don’t like spiders and snakes; And that ain’t what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool!'”

Oh yeah, sometimes guys are clueless. When we packed up to move a few years ago, the bubble wrap came with a little added extra – a family of mice that got loose in the house. This is a conversation I had with Alpha Hubby about it. He was at work:

Me: You got another mouse (in mouse trap).
AH: Did you take it outside?
Me: NO!
AH: Why not?
Me: Eeww, it’s still alive! It might fall off the sticky trap and fall on my foot! And then where would we be be? I’ll tell you where we’d be – dealing with the screaming meemies.”
AH: (laughing) Oh, come on. What’s the big deal? You gonna wait ’til I get home?”
Me: (silence)
AH: OK, I’ll get him out then (snickering).


Now, truth be told, Alpha Hubby does understand and knows BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that I do not do spiders, snakes, roaches, frogs, mice, skunks, and any other sort of unnatural beastie or being on this earth. He is not the kind of guy who would have tried to impress me with a frog when we were kids.

Nah, he was the guy who would always be trying to steal a kiss.

He swears I would have fallen in love with him in the sandbox.  And who’s to say?  I didn’t meet him until we were in our early 40’s and oh, it has been an amazing, miraculous journey thus far.

Back then I waited for him to come home and become The Exterminator, once again, and deal with Mouse #4. I was also thinking about how much I love this guy, and still stand in awe and amazement that God loved me so much, He gave this man to me as a gift to share my life’s journey with here on earth.

mouse funny

Man, makes me want to break out in song, “You are so beautiful to meee….” accompanied by little squeaking voices in the background.

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