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I fall to pieces….

 …each time I run across a good cracker with some cream cheese on it.  It used to be Ritz® (the one everything tasted better on) which I’ve had to give up.  Can we say, “eat the whole tube in one sitting?”  

In the meantime, I discovered this incredible organic flax and sesame cracker from my local health food store… and have to walk away from it with tears streaming down my face.  It is one of those bad-to-the-bone foods I’ve talked about in other postings.

 There is nothing wrong with the cracker.  It’s organic, multi-grain, crunchy, nutty, with no cholesterol, 0 grams trans fat, and no articificial preservatives, flavors or colors!  You can even have six of the cracker flats.  It isn’t that fattening and it has a flavor that works well with the cream cheese.  And cheddar cheese.  And squirt cheese in a can.  And … oh never mind.
Cream cheese is NOT on my list of acceptable foods right now.  And the cracker is bad-to-the-bone for two reasons.  It really likes that cream cheese sitting on it and it is small enough to enable me to eat far more than the recommended serving size.  It’s that good-tasting to me.
This is progress.  I have learned to slap my own wrist (over and over) and step away from the foods I don’t need right now.  Before, I would not only NOT slap my wrist, I would encourage myself, “Eat one more, it’s OK.  You’ve already blown it so one more won’t matter!”  That’s not to say I can’t come back to this cracker when I am in maintenance mode and wearing my favorite LBD.  There are a lot of things I can add back in… LATER.

The tip for today is to know what specific foods trigger you to go bad.  Then look at your BFU* elastic-waisted pants and your pretty little LBD and YOU decide – which one do you want to wear for the rest of your life?  Me, too!


THIS ONE?  *Big fat ugly



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  1. Cheese and crackers are a BIG weakness of mine too! Can’t even buy them unless I plan a gorge-and-barf-o-rama (not really). My new addiction is NutThins. Ever heard of them? So many flavors, so little time! lol

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