I Just Love Him

July 31st, 2012

(A few years ago, Pamela over at Road to Joy (who is now a published author, thankyouverymuch) and I challenged blogland to up the intimacy in their lives.  Our challenge was to do something to create intimacy with your significant other every day for 30 days.  This is a semi-partial sort-of redux on a post from back then.)

Disclaimer: Most of this post is aimed at women; for you men reading this, apply what is needed as necessary.  I might use the term “him” to denote them, the significant other in your life.  It makes writing easier for me and this is my blog so that is all that matters.  The end intimacy result is the same, whoo hoo (but no guarantees). This is a blog, not a psychologist’s office!


So how DO couples go from this:

To this?

It’s simple, really.  Just forget who the person is that you fell in love with.  Lose your focus.  Take that focus off the loved one and put somewhere else.  Put everything ahead of them.

It used to be SO easy to be intimate and starry-eyed over that special someone.  Why?  Well, we were madly, passionately in love with that person.  They were all we thought about.  We were very willing to pursue them and overlook anything not perceived as “perfect” about them.  We couldn’t WAIT to see them, to talk to them.  We always wanted to look our best for them, to do what they liked to do, and to play, laugh, and do things as simple as walking in the rain while holding hands! 

After time, though, our words and attitudes, actions and thought processes, history, time, and life begin getting in the way. 

We stopped pursuing.  We:

— stopped communicating. 
— stopped really listening.  
— stopped treating one another with honor and respect.  
— stopped thinking he’s all-that.  
— stopped thinking she’s the girl of his dreams.  
— stopped spending quality time together.  
— stopped trusting one another, especially with our hearts.
— stopped forgiving quickly and forgetting the tresspass.
— stopped looking as good as we did when first together.
— stopped putting each other first place.

We begin allowing life to get in the way, in between us.  
We became roommates because we lost intimacy and focus.  
We allowed many other things – people, children (especially children), work or career pursuit, fun, hobbies, blogging, or just anything or everything – to come before the other person.

We stopped thinking and treating, and seeing them as valuable and precious – special.

We could start thinking, “Well, I’ve got them so I don’t have to do anything else to keep them.” 

We could start thinking, “Ehh, it’s JUST the wife, the old ball and chain, she doesn’t count.” 

We could start thinking, “Oh, my husband; WHY can’t he be as wonderful and romantic as so-in-so’s husband is?” 

We could start thinking, “He sure doesn’t look like that football player I fell in love with.”

We could start thinking, “I know my wife had our children and is a mother now, but is that girl I married even in there anymore?  And does she even see ME?” 

He could think “She never listens to me.”
She could think “He never talks to me.”

We all could wonder, “Who IS this person I’m married to?”

I think of intimacy when I think of those beginning courtship days when you couldn’t wait to see one another, do nice things for one another, thought about each other ALL the time, and holding hands?  Well, oi vey, was it not amazing that first time he took your hand and kissed your palm?  Or touched the side of your face with his palm and looked into your eyes?

I still remember when Alpha Hubby first placed his palm on the side of my face.  I swear my face tingled.  I remember wondering what he was doing, so I asked.  He said, “I can tell where you are.  I can read you.”  I had no idea what he was talking about because I was so expert at hiding my emotions and who I was, that it made me very uncomfortable when he did this.  No one should be THAT intimate.  Of course, I was running. 

He was talking about where I was in our relationship.  Was I comfortable?  Did I squirm in discomfort at this private act of intimacy?  Did I look back into his eyes or look away?  Did I rub my cheek against his palm or pull away?  It was something no one had ever done to me before.  It still gives me shivers.

Intimacy engages the five physical senses – see, hear, touch, smell, taste.  And, as Alpha Hubby always says, love is an action verb – it is not passive.  Love acts.  Love does.  Or it is not love.  Why yes, I AM zen-master.  Why do you ask?  “Try not.  Do or do not, there is no try,” sayeth Yoda.  Just say I LOVE YOU already!!

And yes, actions do speak louder than words but words are very important, too.  Especially those three little ones, “I love you.”  SAY them.  SAY them ALL the time.  Make sure you SAY them every. single. day.  Say them, say them, say them.  Life is too dog-goned short to be stingy with those words.  They are not cheap words. 

Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror.  Jot a note, pick up a card, or email, fax or something – just say “I love you” as often as you can, in as many ways as you can.  Go do that RIGHT NOW. 

Did you do it?  Well as soon as you are finished reading this post, I challenge you to go tell your significant other “I LOVE YOU” – then begin the practice of saying those words deliberately, on purpose, from this moment forward, every day.


When you wish someone joy,
you wish them peace,
love, prosperity, happiness…
all the good things.

 Maya Angelou

I wish all of you JOY, today, tomorrow, forever.  Oh, and thank you for being faithful readers.  I love you.


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6 Responses to “I Just Love Him”

  1. I love! Love! Love! your love story – and it makes me wonder why you haven’t written your beautiful God-filled love story into a book that will minister and witness to others!

    No one can ever say “I love You” too much. My husband and I must be doing it consistently enough because it surprises me how our boys say it when we end our phone conversations!

    Romantic, beautiful, true love post!
    bluecottonmemory recently posted…My To-Do ListMy Profile

  2. Alpha says:

    When the one you love comes into your presence, what do you see? A cranky, grumpy, sniping, sulled up, sad person? Or do you see a person acknowledging you who is uplifted by being in your presence, leaving all the day’s trials behind?

    Now reverse it, what do they see? It is good to surround yourself with beauty. Communicate by touch and speech. People say if you continue to say I love you that it becomes just a cliche, words with no heart. Stop saying it and see what begins to creep in. Won’t be long, you will be going separate ways and you will wonder what happened to the flame. The thief of not saying and doing is what happened.

  3. —–Beautiful Post, Nan.

    I really LOVED it. I love your passion.

    I remember the first time Mr. L. put his arm around my bare waist. I swear, an electrical shock traveled from my
    toes up to my head! My Gosh, I thought I was on FIRE.

    It ‘s those simple things.

    I lOVE holding hands.

    Love to you, my dear sweet Nan. XXXX

  4. Mary says:

    Do ya feel that love comin’ right back atchya, Nan? Cuz, I’m sending it out to you…

    I know that some folks wouldn’t believe it, but I honestly don’t think Hubby and I have missed a day of saying “I love you” in almost 30 years. Sure, there were days when we might not have been feeling all lovey dovey, but I guess we just knew how important it was to say it anyway. Same with the kids. Still say it every day to our angel in heaven. I remember a time when my oldest daughter and I were barely speaking to each other. As she was about to hang up on me, she said she loved me. I told her that I loved her too and asked her why she said it, if she was so angry at me. She said… “because you never know, Mom…” and hung up. Pretty wise for a 16 year old, eh?

    Anywhoooo… wonderful post, my dear. (as always) I hope everyone who reads it will do what you’ve suggested, because after all, you never know… XOXO ~Mary
    Mary recently posted…Greek Chicken Salad and My First Guest Post!My Profile

  5. Fabulous post!! … sometimes it’s medications that get in the way of intimacy … (I’m working on a post – for September on this -meds and intimacy).

    I hope every reader takes the challenge … I love You are 3 words that bring so much to both lives!!

    Thank you for sharing this post, we all need a little reminder to be vocal of our appreciation for our spouse. You are a fabulous inspiration!! xo C. (HHL)
    High Heeled Life recently posted…Afternoon Tea and HammocksMy Profile

  6. Nancy says:

    My heart still beats faster when my husband walks in the door! We still love just being together and we say I love you often! It’s so simple that you have to wonder why so many people forget.

    Nancy recently posted…It’s here…..My Profile

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