Coming up for your viewing consideration today is a post that is NOT mush and gush about Alpha Hubby. I know, I know – I hear you cheering in the background. You know who you are. “Finally,” you say, “a post that is not all gag-me-mushy about… him.”  Today I am going to do what all the professionals tell us to do – write about what I know best.

Umm.  Errr.  Unfortunately in writing what I know best, well it’s… him.

The truth of the matter is I started this blog as a way to journal my journey (say that fast 3 times) about weight loss and getting back into my LBD.  But you know what?  I know all sorts of things about weight loss – I just need to APPLY what I know.  And there are blogs galore out there about weight loss.  But there is only one about… him.

So I got to thinking how it must be getting gaggy to you to hear me keep going on and and on and on and on and on about Alpha Hubby and his coolness for the past month or so.  But seriously, what I know best is… him.

Oh sure, I know about having an Alpha Son who is pretty darn cool but he’s no longer a cutesy little baby boy in his stroller (above) who can make people go “awwww”.  He’s sort of grown up and traded the stroller for a motorcycle:

There are a TON of amazing blogs about mamas and babies and kids and the like.  So this blog isn’t about… him.

I can write about how Alpha Hubby has dragged me out into the boonies to deal with these:

And this guy below who was destined for the freezer but ended up being such a manly bull, he got a stay of execution.  He’s now the Alpha Bull.   But Pioneer Woman pretty much cornered that market so this blog can’t be about… him.

So for now, most of my posts are going to be about my love affair with Alpha Hubby.  The weird thing is that for so many years I secretly tried to figure out why he loved me.  When I began blogging so much about him recently, he made some statements that, in turn, caused me to say, “I didn’t know you felt that way about me!”  Not “I love you” because I know he does.  It was some something or the other like “All he wants and needs is my love” or the like.

His reply was, “How can that be?  I love you.  How can you not know I feel that way about you?”

I dunno.  I guess because I’ve discovered that I still sometimes have those secret thoughts that I’m not worth loving that way.  I don’t think I knew I did until recently but wow.  Talk about your expensive baggage!

The best thing that has come out of blogging about him so much these past several weeks is that the more I write about him, the deeper, more loving and grander our big grand love affair becomes.  It’s like the 30-day Challenge that Pamela over at Road to Joy and I issued last year.  It changed the way we looked (and other things) at our men.

I told Alpha Hubby this the other day – that the recent blogging really changed how I view him.  He said that it was because of my focus.   He’s pretty smart that way and knows a lot.  Most of the time that isn’t irritating.  *ahem*

Anyway, what we focus on in life is what we spend time thinking about, what we take care of, what we go toward.  Focus on too much chocolate… well, that one’s Elf Explanatory Keebler.  Focus on studying, you’ll do well in school.  Focus on too much drinking and drugs and well, you know.  Focus on someone’s bad points and those bad points will begin to magnify in your sight.

I’ve been focusing like crazy on Alpha Hubby and how our past 17 years have been an amazing adventure.  I’ve focused on how much he loves me.  I’ve focused on how doggoned amazing he is.  I’ve focused on how much his love blesses me and has changed me and my life. I’ve focused on how healing his love has been.  I’ve focused on all his good points… and that is how I see him more than ever, good.  He just lives up to all that amazingness (it’s in the urban dictionary; does that make me hip?).

I think I’m on to something here.  In writing what I know, he just gets better and better!  And I know him.  That’s all I need to know.

That’s All,  Michael Bublé 

Everything, Michael Bublé