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I Love How He Loves Me

(Pardon the delay; my blog host was down for a few days.)

Okay. I know I chat a bit about Alpha Hubby.  And yes, in case you haven’t noticed, I am absolutely one hundred percent over-the-moon wild about him.   There’s a reason.

Let me digress a bit.  Long before I met Alpha Hubby, loooooong before (what took you so long to find me baby??), I’d done some studying, learning, changing, realizing what was important, what wasn’t, observing, growing, and growing up.  I also did a lot of listening.  I used to listen to the women at work talk about their husbands.  I used to listen to women at Ladies Group (Bible study) talk about their hubands.  I used to listen to friends talk about their husbands.

And when I say that what these women were not saying, “Oh, he is THE best man ev-ah!!”, I’m probably understating it.  I’d listen to women put their husbands down, talk about his faults, what irritates them about him, how he messed up, everything he does wrong, and personal details that should never have been shared in public.  Total lack of respect and honor.  I swore to myself than if I ever met a Knight In Shining Armor, I would make sure a day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t know I love him.  I would protect what we have together.  I would honor him.  I would respect him.  I made up my mind long to do this before I met him.

When you consider how long I waited for this KISA, I was certainly not going to waste any part of our life together.  Oh my gosh, I’d had enough drama in my life before I met him that I swore I would NEVER EVER live like that again.  And along comes this man who loves me!  He loves me!  He’s not afraid to show it.  I love him.  I’m not afraid to show it.  I like gagging people.  I love how he loves me!  And I absolutely refuse to allow one day to go by where he does not know how much I treasure his love.  I thank God for him.

We’ve been married 16 years, 7 months today.  I only grow to love him more as each year passes.  He is my best friend and support.  He believes in me.  He is the first and only man to send me flowers.  He gives me everything I need.  And if it is within his power, he gives me everything I want and desire.  Of course, I, in turn, do not want and desire things.  I want and desire him.  He is crazy about me!  And I can honestly say to you that not one time in 16.7 years have I ever bad-mouthed him to another person on this earth.  Ever.  Oh, I might have talked to myself but…

We work very hard to protect our marriage.  We do not speak badly about one another to others.  We hash out everything and even tho I’m sure he wants to pinch my head off sometimes, in 16.7 years, I think we only went to bed mad at one another one time – sometime 15 years ago.  It was no fun.  We decided not to do that again.


I am his biggest cheerleader and he is mine.  I believe in him, totally.  I believe in his dreams.  And sure, there are times we holler – well, I do – or have heavy discussions (ha), but as time has gone by, we learned that we don’t like that, either.  We work to keep the poison out of our marriage.  We don’t spend time alone with the opposite sex, or have intimate conversations with them about anything.  We learned to trust one another and not expect the worst.  He trusts me with his heart (I know ’cause he told me so).  I certainly trust him with mine.  He makes my world a better place with his powerful love.

He is a Alpha Man.  Not a male – which is that chest beating, roaring macho guy most people think of as alpha.  Alpha is someone who takes responsibility, protects, loves unashamedly, supports, works with, and focuses only on his mate.  He is the head of this family (altho he says I’m the boss) and he takes that seriously. He is strong and unwavering in what is right and what is wrong. He is a man of God and beyond my wildest dreams. And he even does the dishes sometimes and clears out the dryer, folding the clothes.  He vacuums.  I know!!

In truth, I have never been this loved, honored or respected before in my life.  Ever.  Today I decided that I wanted to do a tribute to Alpha Hubby.  I wanted to publicly thank him for loving me like he does. 

I want to thank him for working hard to support this family and allowing me the freedom to be home to write and pursue my dreams.  I want to thank him for getting up every morning 5 to 6 days a week to go to that job.  I want to thank him for the work he does in our home, creating dream rooms for me.  I want to thank him for the passion we have together (BOY! Do I want to thank him for THAT!).  I want to thank him for the unconditional support he has given me while I am on this journey to get back into my Little Black Dress.  UN-CONDITIONAL.  His heart burns for ME (and it’s not indigestion).

I’m so glad I tangled up my life and dreams with his!  Baby, I love how you love me.

12 thoughts on “I Love How He Loves Me

  1. I adore it when I read something written by a woman who loves her husband as much as I love my Bubba-Mon 😉 Seriously. We (you, your husband; me, my husband) are amazingly lucky. Good for you.nI found you because of Over 40 FF BH and I am so glad I did!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Now I am sucked in and looks like I am gonna spend some time reading yours!!! I love this post, and might I add that it touched me. I needed to hear this today. I sure hope it touched someone else in the same way.

  3. Since I live in a loveless marriage (both of us at fault) I respect and appreciate a couple that has everything that you do. We stay together because of finances at least till my daughter graduates High School (in 2016!!). Since I haven’t been able to work, due to illness, it’s the only way for now. God Bless you and your husband.rnrnI found you on another blog..where you recently guessed hosted. I’m your new follower. I love to hear possitive stories.rnrnrnKatharine @ Kat’s AlmostPurrfect Worldrn

  4. Are we married to the same man?:) Seriously, my Dave and I have a similar relationship and it is WONDERFUL! We just celebrated 18 years of marriage last Sunday and our headed to Vegas for some alone time Wednesday!!!nnSo sweet!!nnHave a wonderful day, Nan;)nnLeslie

  5. Hello Fellow Hare! I’m making the rounds…What a generous and loving ode to your hubby! Lucky fellow…. Now you deserve applause and hugs for that alone. nThanks for stopping by!nElizabeth

  6. I am in your SITS group and stopping by to say hi. I read your post and it amazes me that people can find that kind of love. I hope one day I will be able to know what that feels like!

  7. The lady completes me. She is fiery, passionate, romantic, and funny, making me laugh and have more fun than I ever have had in my life. She is what makes me what I am.

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