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I Love The Way He Loves Me

It’s been awhile since I posted. There’s a REALLY good reason for that. Everything is… nah, I’m not sharing right now.

The other day Alpha Hubby played this song. It’s one of my favorites, especially the chorus. The chorus is my song to him, but he pointed out that the verses were everything he felt for me. *sigh*

Of course, I teared up.

I tried to sing the chorus to him.

Of course, I teared up. AND choked up. Voice wobbling.

Ugh. I sing very well but I absolutely cannot sing love songs to my husband without tearing up, choking up and wobbling. His love overwhelms me. It’s strong.

You want to know how strong your love is? To know if it can crack at the simplest of things? If it can stand up to closeness few experience so they’ll never know if their love is strong or not?

Try staying in a small, two-room motel room for 4 months. You will quickly find out just how strong your love is.

Four months was up on the 24th of October. He played this song for me a few days after that.

Yeah That’s why I keep him around.

He REALLY loves me.

3 thoughts on “I Love The Way He Loves Me

  1. Dearest Nan,
    Wow, that is a very long time spent in a confined area together!
    But yes, it is a great barometer for finding out how strong love is being embedded into both of you!
    I’ve just come home from another mega-trip taking my 90.5 husband (with very weak heart… can end without warning!) all the way up to the Blue Ridge Pkwy, starting from Asheville, NC after having been to a wedding in Tennessee first. Took me 2 days to complete the Blue Ridge Pkwy Drive with overnight in Roanoke, VA and then we stayed in Charlottesville, VA for 4 nights. I did NOT want to be on the road every day but needed some rest. Well, getting PM rains and storm on the 2nd day, made us tour Monticello’s gardens and grounds. Then tornado watch and heavy rain caused a day of laziness and next day the sky was as blue as could be but rather cool. I drove the Shenandoah Skyline Drive after having to return at the entrance due to road blocked by tree and entered at about 1/3 of its total length but no further problems. Clear views, no fog either. AND the entire Blue Ridge Pkwy was closed due to lots of downed trees… Were we lucky or not?! I’ve prayed hard for keeping my Pieter with me longer and I’m grateful for this!
    Big hugs to you both and keep the Faith.

  2. We can live in 2 rooms as long as there are head phones for the TV. We just had 5 weeks of extreme togetherness on our 5 week around the world trip: 13 flights, living out of 2 small suitcases, Air BnBs, hotel rooms, and staying with friends in Perth, Australia. (BTW, one of our worst hotel experiences was the (Dis)Comfort Inn in Charleston, SC. Are you settled in a real house or apartment yet?

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