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I Would Do Anything For Love…

but!  There are limits to my love.

During the Superbowl there was an M&M® commercial that I fell in love with.  It is 31 seconds of silly:



And the other day, we had this:

Pool filled

… the official opening of the swimming pool. It took a couple of weekends to get it ready but Alpha Hubby, in all his macho alpha-ness swam in it last Sunday.  I went out to sit on the deck and watch him, and he kept taunting, “Come on in, the water’s fine! Come on! You know you want to. Come on in. Get in the pool! Come on baby, it’s wonderful.”

Um. NO.

I would do anything for love…

but I won’t do that.

NO. I refuse to freeze my little tushie off for him or anyone else. It’s APRIL and there hasn’t been enough time for the water to warm up. NO.

Then there was the time last year that he had to go to Mississippi for a meeting. Someone had to feed the cows their sweet feed. Yes, you have to because they stage a rebellion if they don’t get their sweet feed. Big old spoiled babies.  Did I tell you I’m more of a city slicker?  And I don’t do cows except in grilled and BBQ form?

Anyway, they are fed in a corral.  A small enclosed space.  Someone had to feed them and that someone was me. He even bought me these so I wouldn’t wear my flip flops and step in something… interesting.

muck boot

Like this:

cow patty buffalo

(Aw, come on!  It’s chocolate!  From a place we discovered when we lived in Vermont – Tom and Sally’s Chocolates, bought out by Hauser Chocolates in 2010.  Handmade Belgian chocolate.  Funny and delicious.)

But that was then. This is now.

I would do anything for love…

but I won’t do that.

They went from this:

2012-07-30 19.40.56
Mama’s Pride 2012

Cutesy, relatively afraid of me so they stayed away until the trough was filled, to this:

buddy 2012-10-09 16.21.49
Buddy 2012

He may be a laid back sweetheart but these cows are now one heck of a lot BIGGER than they were this time last year. They want to butt Leland because they think he’s a playmate. Some of the little ones have horns they want to test. The others are just HUGE and a little head butt will send you into the fence. The one time I did feed, Mama, who used to be a show cow, wanted me to scratch her big old head. She’s a foot taller than me and even though she was on the other side of the gate, when I told her she really needed some cream rinse on her hair, she wanted to head butt me.  In a nice way.  I’m sure.


Baby, I love you and I would do anything for love.  But I won’t do that.

5 U got no candy
U got no candy for me?

And you can’t make me by having them make sad-eyes at me.


10 thoughts on “I Would Do Anything For Love…

  1. What little girl, I have candy for you also. Come on in the water is fine. Those friendly cows would not harm you. They want candy not you.

  2. Oh, Nan, this post has me smiling! I love Buddy and I love that pool! My goodness, that water looks tempting! And I would happily have gone for a swim even if it was cold. hee hee! How wonderful that come summer, you can destress swimming laps in your own backyard. Absolute bliss, I tell you! Hugs! 🙂

  3. I don’t really find the ideas so much as he creates them (smile). The M&M commercial was good – “It hurts but I kinda like it!!”

  4. Love seeing a new Nan and Leland story up! I wouldn’t get in the pen with those big creatures either. They’re unpredictable and, um, large. Very, very large.

    Make that man buy you a pool heater!

    1. Yep, very, very, VERY large. But then even if one of the baby’s butted me, I’d be outta there.

      My man says I need to suck it up ’cause he isn’t buying a heather this year… boo hoo. Actually we swim until we just can’t take it any more – late November. Phew.

  5. Once again you made me smile. I don’t know where you find the ideas but this was funny. Especially the m&m commercial. And him trying to get you in the cold water.

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