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Ice Ice Baby! Redux

That’s what I used to have to do with my poor knees.  In my bio, I mentioned I’d been in a car wreck when I was 19 where one kneecap went through the radio knob and the other got racked up on the gear shift knob.  I wasn’t driving and I wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  I sure paid for that!

Anyway, needless to say, the more weight I gained the more trouble I had with my knees.  It was a small motivating factor in my desire to get this weight off and I must say, it has helped tremendously.  I was able to run all over town yesterday without collapsing in a blob of pain on the couch last night.  Imagine when I lose another 10 pounds – whoo hoo!!

Today is July 4th – INDEPENDENCE DAY.  It is freedom for me in more than one way – the freedom I am celebrating is freedom from a wrong relationship with food!  I am not afraid of food today.  It is not the boss of me and I will make great choices when we eat before the big fireworks celebration. 
Want magic elixir?  The best diet aid on earth?  Make sure you have plenty of this on ice:

I might even have a little bit of the stuff we make with this: 

…but don’t tell anyone! 

Just kidding.  Today it is all about moderation, being aware of everything I even think about putting into my mouth (and making sure I LOG IT IN MY FOOD JOURNAL), and drinking plenty of water.  I am going to enjoy the day without losing ground – but I am NOT GOING TO STRESS over all the food that is available today.  I will make great choices!  I will do whatever I can to lose one pound today – yes, even on holiday!

3 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby! Redux

  1. Oooooh That water looks so good!!! I drink a lot of water most of the time. I have recently fallen back into drinking soda though. 🙁 You are so right! Everything in moderation… it is hard to get there, but once you do it for some time, it will get easier. I am trying to get there in a more stable way now. Love your blog. So motivational!!! 🙂

  2. I agree, plans are good and victory is always to the one who follows the plan.

    I have found that when I alter the plan (normally to suit myslef) is when I lose. If I stick with what works (plan) I will have the expected results. In the past I would state the plan isn’t working but when I was honest about it, I found that I quit working the plan. So the plan works, it is us who changes the plan. How; one gourmet cookie won’t hurt? The plan says not to eat the cookie. But no, I ate it anyway and wondered how I gained two pounds. Pretty easy to see the plan is my friend but my thought process was skewed.

    I used be able to eat a whole chicken in one meal plus everything else. I had a self esteem problem but at the time I didn’t know it. It started because people was always glad to see a healthy apetite so in my warped thinging process if I was accepted by people because I ate a lot then more would mean more acceptance. Well that was a lie, all I wound up with was being really overweight and even ashamed of how I looked. I didn’t like myself. In the process of trying to be accepted I had changed my thinking processes. I would look at a plate of food and automatically think it was not enough. I have worked on portion sizes to re-program my way of thinking. I have found it takes little food in a meal to fuel my body and the food I eat I really enjoy. The weight began to come off.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I do exercise with intensity and avoid processed foods if at all possible. I no longer am concerned what others think, I have learned it is what I think about myself that counts. I begin to like myself again. There will always be people who don’t like you whether you are slim or fat. So like yourself!

  3. That’s good – go in with a plan. Never thought of it that way before. It’s sort of like a battle plan!

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