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If You Can’t Be With The One You Love Honey Love The One You’re With

Yeah yeah, I KNOW what you’re thinking.  You’re wrong.  I am not talking about peoples here, people.  Get your mind outta da gutter!

No no, THIS is what I’m talking about….

         Oooohhhh, yeah!     Mmmmmm.

     Stop me now!    Yikes!

If you can’t eat certain foods that you used to love – crave – can’t seem to live without – then you’re just gonna have to learn to love this:

    And this:   AND this:

Since I began this journey, it has just flat out amazes me how much I absolutely 100 percent loved certain foods.  Somewhere I crossed the line from simply eating to fuel the body and went down the dark road to eating to satisfy some inner craving.  I began to salivate the moment I thought about eating those certain foods and refused to be satisfied until I acquired it, smelled the scent of it, savored it, petted it, crooned to it, um, took a bite, rolled my eyes in ecstasy, and then wolfed it down. 

I would want to meet with these foods immediately.  There was NO waiting.  Once they were on my mind, it was a “seek and devour” mission given to me by my body.  Gotta have it gotta have it gottahaveitNOW.

And have you ever hidden food from loved ones so you could savor it in privacy, hidden away from the world and nosy food wardens… people who loved you?  Made any midnight rendezvous appointments with your refrigerator or food cupboard?  Man, this is beginning to sound more and more like a secret love affair in a seedy motel room!

Well, if you can’t be with the one you love honey love the one you’re with STOP IT AND LEARN TO LOVE THE ONE THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU!

Or plan to have this very harsh diet implemented in the very near future:

8 thoughts on “If You Can’t Be With The One You Love Honey Love The One You’re With

  1. Is anyone else thinking about a big slice of chocolate cake with a glass of lemon water? It evens out the calories, right? ….right?!?!

  2. Wrong relationships are poision to you. You can take that both ways. A wrong relationship with someone could also be a cause of uncessary stress in your life which in turn could give you a wrong relationship with foods.

  3. Lee – I will go check out that book. I’ve heard of it so maybe it can give me some good food choice ideas! Thanks

  4. Holy COW!!! Have you found the books “Eat This Instead Of That”? We used those at a TOPS meeting—and its just great reminders that you don’t always have to deny the “good stuff” because you’re trying to lose weight…just make better choices. Hang in there!!!

  5. I love that song. It reminds me of my mispent younger days. This is a good point that we have to learn to eat right foods.

  6. Great pictures! I really need that last one but I don’t want to waste my chocolate like that because I WOULD figure out a way to get it off the trap and into my mouth.

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