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I’m In The Mood for Love


So Alpha Hubby’s birthday is tomorrow (or today, November 23rd if you’re reading on Thanksgiving which you shouldn’t be. You should be eating turkey in you’re in the USA).

Pretty much the only thing he ever wants for his birthday is a (shhhh) rendezvous. Since Alpha Son is out of the house, we get to play anytime we want to. But a rendezvous – ah, rendezvous. They’re special. Romance. Candlelight. Romantic Music. Special clothing (yes, he dresses up). We slow dance. I sing to him if I can – I can’t always because for some reason – darn it – I choke up and tears flow.

I do get overwhelmed by his love. And this birthday song is so appropriate. Because yes, when we are near one another, we get in the mood for love – whatever form that takes. That is an area we protect passionately.

If you’re in a relationship, don’t forget how vital intimacy is to it. Kissing, leaving notes, touching, talking, hugging, and yes, those very intimate moments in the bedroom. Kitchen. Living Room. Bathtub. Outside (if you can; don’t get arrested).

So I need to go seduce my husband. Enjoy this old standard that was big in 1935. I let Miss Julie London (1955 version) sing it for you because none of the others fit my mood.

I’m in the mood for love
Simply because you’re near me
Funny, but when you’re near me
I’m in the mood for love

Heaven is in your eyes
Bright as the stars we’re under
Oh, is it any wonder that
I’m in the mood for love

Why stop to think of whether
This little dream might fade?
We put our hearts together
Now we are one don’t be afraid

If there’s a cloud above
If it should rain, we’ll let it
But for tonight, forget it and get with it
I’m in the mood for love

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