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It’s A Family Affair

To my many friends who do not live in the USA, thank you for being my friends.  This post is about what Memorial Day means to me as a US citizen.  Regularly scheduled broadcasting will continue soon.  Thanks.


Dad at Retirement 1968

Mom discovering her brother was in a newsreel at movies, 1944

Moi, 1974 

Aunts Ruth & Bette, upper two in doorway, 1945

A few of my uncles were also in the service but I don’t have pictures.   It really was a family affair to be patriotic.  And I believe that still holds true today.  Children are what their parents teach them.  If the parents are patriotic, the children will be, to an extent.

I wasn’t so much patriotic as I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life after a year and a half of college.  Instead, I dropped out (very popular back then) and joined up (not so very popular back then).  But the one thing I remember at the swearing in was a sudden great and fierce pride.  I discovered I was very proud to serve my country.  I ended up having friends who went to Vietnam.  I lost a few there, too.  Alpha Hubby’s brother and a son served.  And many friends and co-workers have been or are still involved.

The military is a family.  When you are in the service, you become united with people of like minds.  Each understands what the other has gone – or is going – through.  Each knows what it is like to be in service.  It develops a closeness not unlike a fraternity or sorority.  Sometimes it creates lifetime permanent friendships.

My dad served for 28 years and we moved every two-three years until I was a sophomore in high school.  It was a way of life and I didn’t know anything else – moving.  It didn’t bother me since it was what I was used to.  

When each of my parents died, I notified many friends of theirs – friends they’d made while in service.  I was taken on a memory-lane walk, remembering each family and how they interacted with ours over the years.  They had been there for one another through thick and thin, through marriages, divorces, children, lost love ones – they were united by more than military service.  They were united by love and caring.

I am pretty sure everyone knows at least one person who served our country in some capacity.  Unfortunately there have been enough wars that current all the way back to great-great-great grandpa’s could have served.  And it doesn’t matter one whit if one agrees with involvement or not, people served and people risked their lives for freedom.  That is what it all boils down to.

The United States of America is a blessed country.  We have been protected because men and women get involved.  No one will forget 9-11-2001, one horrid terrorist act.  It was brought to our shores.  That is why men and women are involved – to keep it from coming to our shores – our towns – our backyards.  In one wicked, evil act, almost every citizen of the United States became involved, became a family united against terrorism.

Even if one has never been involved in service, there are many people out there who’s loved ones serve and who might need a little encouragement.  If you know someone who’s son or husband are in the service and are gone or are overseas – check in on them.  Make sure they have any help they need.  Let them talk.  Be there for them in some small way.  Be a friend to them – make them your family until their loved ones are home.

Today don’t just remember those who died in service to our country – go thank someone for serving.  Go help someone who’s family is involved.  One doesn’t have to be born into a family to be a family member.  Love unites.  Love cares.  Love helps.  Love gets involved.

Be a family.   


12 thoughts on “It’s A Family Affair

  1. Nan, this post made me weepy. You see, my daddy was a military man too. Thirty years in the US Army and like you, I know all too well what it was like to move every two or three years. The photos you’ve included are amazing! Beautiful vintage shots that take my breath away! Your mother–what a beauty! It’s easy to understand the pride you feel for your family, lady! 🙂

  2. A lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. This was one of the best tributes to our service men and women I’ve seen. Just beautiful, Nan! And? You were one of the cutest Airmen I’ve ever seen! Thank you for serving my friend. And thanks for being you, a compassionate wonderful lady.
    Much love!

  3. Thank you, to you and your family for your service to us all!! My family served as well and I have always been overwhelmingly proud of my grandparents! It’s where my paternal grandparents met. My grandmother was a war bride from the UK:) And my little brother is currently serving and he makes me so proud!!
    We recently saw the veterans outside Walmart and I got to tell my children that they protect us all. It was a special moment to share with them. I don’t know if they really got it, but every time I explain something to them again I relearn it’s significance!

  4. Yes, I think we all know someone. My oldest son served in the Navy in the first Gulf War. I am so proud of him for that service and to all our military men and women.

    You certainly come from and are in a long line of people who protect our country. Thanks!

  5. Oh Nan you are such a cutie. I am thankful for you and your family and the blessing of your service to all of us and our country. Darlin, you just rock.

  6. Great post my friend!! You are so right even though I’m in Canada I know 2 people who put their lives on the line , one serves in the Army the other is a Navy Seal, to ensure freedom not just in the USA, North America … but the world.

    You and your family are amazing examples of those who truly what a better world for all. Many blessings to you and all, and their families who give up so much (sometimes their lives) so that we can sleep at night.

    My friend thank you for your visits and especially your sweet words of encouragement these past few weeks.. it has meant more than words can say. I’m hoping the new month ahead will see me more active in BlogLand.

    Hugs to you and your sweetheart, xo HHL

  7. You were such a cutie. What branch were you in? This was a great post to remind me to go thank my elderly neighbor for his service. Thank you nan for remind us to be grateful to those who are still alive to appreciate it.

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