Je le veux

August 12th, 2010

I want you to look at this picture:

Have you EVER seen such a knowing look?  What do you think she’s thinking about?  Perhaps, “Bet you wonder what I’ve been doing!” or “Oh, I am so lucky to have this hot man!”

But no.  She isn’t thinking any of those things.  She’s thinking, “I wish he’d hurry up so I can go eat some ice cream!”  Really!  Can’t you see it in her eyes?  No?  Well OK, I’ll give you that.  She isn’t thinking that. She’s thinking, “Good thing this camera isn’t aimed lower!”

I saw this picture on where I get most of my pictures that aren’t personal. This just hit me as so… something – hot, romantic, spicy.  I wanted it for the blog just because.  There will be a perfect time to use it when talking about Alpha Hubby and how amazing he is and how wow our marriage is and how we gag people with our relationship.  Except that perfect time hasn’t come yet.

Then I realized something – this picture is hotter to me and much more sexy and appropriate:

I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking, “What? He’s working? How’s that sexy?”  But you don’t know the whole story – he’s taking this:

…which is a bathroom RIGHT off the kitchen – which I hated from Day 1 – the orangey brown grout and tile just bugged me and I didn’t want to see it from my stovetop.  The shower was too small so he banged his elbows and well, just NO.

He is making me this – the first picture is the opening from the laundry room and those shelves you see?  Shelves will fill the space where the tub and shower were (the water heater goes to the other bathroom):


This is where the shower was:        

Click on the thumnails if you want to see larger “during” pictures – be sure to use the BACK ARROW to come back here:


This makes me very, very, very happy – to have a large and useful pantry area.

Why is this hot? Spicy? Sexy?  Since the day I met him, this man has done everything in his power to give me whatever I needed to make me happy in our home.  No closet space?  No problem; he created a half walk-in closet half make-up area by moving walls and building a makeup table.  No room?  No problem; he eventually enlarged our former house by an additional 1000 square feet.  No patio?  No problem; he created me a 600 sq ft enclosed one with 13 windows.  And no storage space?  No problem; he took out an ugly bath area (leaving the large enough bathroom) and is turning it into a huge walk-in pantry. AND all this is while working at the nuclear plant as an electrical engineer for 50 hours a week.

It isn’t the pantry, sun room, closet, makeup room (well…), or anything he builds for me – it is his heart and unconditional love for me.  After some pretty iffy early years before I met him – those years that make you say, “NO way, never again, not gonna happen, never ever getting involved again” – along comes a Knight in Shining Armor who thinks you’re the cat’s pajamas (No, I don’t know what’s the matter with him!).  THIS is why I’m on this journey.  I need to get back to being that princess he married.

He is my Knight.

Is it any wonder: Je le veux?  I do – I do! I want him


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13 Responses to “Je le veux”

  1. What a sweet post! It’s true – a man hard at work (especially when he’s doing something for you) is soooo sexy! Love it!

  2. I started laughing when I saw the picture of the woman, my mind kept giving me answers after answers, jajaja. Totally agree with you and those who said that we woman just want simple thing to be done so we can be happy. Mine is not a Knight nor a handy one, he just hates hand labor, he even gets me the look when I ask him to clean the pool. Thank God my mom tought me how to use a hammer, and other things envolve in the handy work department. I’m going to try telling him he looks very sexy when he is cleaning the pool, hmmm! I’ll give that a try!

  3. Oh, I LOVE how you speak such wonderful words about your amazing husband! I, too, have my Knight and I love him so much! He also can create anything I desire, from updating our old seventies home to a more modern one that made me proud to have friends over to completely building our dream home that made me drool! Now he has had to become my caregiver after I became very seriously ill with a very rare neurovascular disease almost 3 years ago. It has left me 100% disabled, homebound and bedridden. But he almost never complains about anything. He just keeps his chin up and a smile on his face as he literally treats me like a queen every. single. day. Plus, he is a genuine man of God and that is what I love about him most.

    Thanks for reminding me to take a fresh look at my man and to say a great big thank you to him again today. I don’t know where I would be without him. I am, indeed, blessed!

    Because of Him~

    Teresa <

  4. Thanks for stopping by and adding me! Your blog is SO REFRESHING!!! Thank you for saying something edifying about your husband. You have given me the courage to jump on out there and get all mushy about my husband too! I’m afraid to talk about how wonderful it is to be married because I don’t want to make people gag and run off. No more! I’m just going to shout it from the rooftops! I’m your newest follower~!

  5. Janet says:

    Stopping by from SITS. I completely agree. A man working on a home improvement project is the sexiest thing there is! Hope your new room makes you fabulously happy!

  6. Karen says:

    I think she’s thinking, “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?”

    I think it’s so awesome that you not only have a husband that CAN do those things for you, but also that he DOES do them. Hope you enjoy the new (and awesome) pantry!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  7. I love to read about successful marriages! Kudos to you and your hubby for making each other so happy.

  8. I feel the same way about my hubby! He works 14 hour days and still helps to cook and clean and when we had our home he would also work very hard on it when he had a day off from the real job…nothing sexier than my hubby who does all that he does!

    Found you through Follow Friday 40 and over :o)

  9. Love the photos and the post! There is something sexy about a man working to give us something as wonderful as a big pantry! Can’t wait to see when you have everything finished….. OH and was there a sell on glad bags? I see all those boxes on your shelves (looking very organized I might add!) and I’m thinking, hey….I need those!

    I know you were pinching his rear everytime you walked past him….ha ha

    Have a great weekend girlio!

  10. Awesome post and rings so true with me and my own marriage. Men often get a bad rap, but there are still some real gems out there, and I’m thinking we’re both lucky enough to be married to one of them. 🙂
    Love your blog! I will check in more often!


  11. Julie says:

    I swoone over someone like that too. In fact I have one just like yours that has done everything in his power to make our house a home that is made just for us. I do understand, 100%.
    Found you from Java’s Over 40 blog hop. I’m your newest follower, at least for a few more minutes I am.
    Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  12. Manang Kim says:

    If only men knew that we women wants simple things like a huge pantry to make us happy or a huge closet hahaha. Like your story makes me smile!

  13. Alpha says:

    You make it easy!

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