Life Beyond Beautiful

Life Beyond Beautiful is the title of the upcoming book I’m writing. It is about my love affair with Leland W. Loyd, the man God sent to me. Yes, I know He did because He told me he was coming twice – once twelve years prior and once two weeks before he showed up. 

Life Beyond Beautiful – one of the meanings of the word beautiful is “…of a very high standard; excellent”.  I would have to say he exemplified that.  He not only had high standards and operated in excellence – he also believed in the miraculous, the supernatural. He believed in a loving God, a Father Who loved him.

The book chronicles the story of how a boy met a girl and gave her everything she didn’t know she needed. Who wouldn’t love that?

I will let you know when it publishes. In the meantime, some of the stories are posted here on Most are under the Category True Love or Romance. 

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