So here I am out in left field. Well, actually, this is Alpha Hubby in left field. I am out of my comfort zone.

Left Field (click on any picture to enlarge):

This is our new field to the left of the house.  In the field to the right are these two characters – Alpha (beginning of the herd):

And Omega (ending in my freezer): 

As soon as these two were dropped off in the right field, they promptly (unbeknownst to us) got spooked and Omega broke thru the bobbed-wire fence and led Alpha astray… 280 acres away astray.  It took two days and multiple hours for these two, seen here discussing the importance of spending quality time together while chasing two contrary calves, to herd the… umm… herd (can two cows be a herd? Yes, if they are all you have right now!), back through the fence.

Meanwhile I have been dealing with this, the before part of the deep end of the pool (after the men came to measure for a new liner) wherein are two huge frogs, bugs, grunge and whatnot – and this is AFTER they drained it, pulled the old liner out and went on their merry way planning to come back another day.  Some water leaked back in and it also rained but ewww.  It was uber gross.

Here is Day 1 after they installed the liner; I am very pleased.  I began filling the pool.

I am very happy with the results BUT my Day 2 and part of Day 3 pictures pretty much look the same because they made me call them to finish when it was 6″ in the shallow end (which meant losing 17 hours fill time); then they came, finished up; I began filling again – and the liner began pulling out from under the cap on top holding it on.  Another 16 hours fill time gone.  I yam not a patient person.

BUT hooray!  Today I got to begin filling again and now it looks like this and should be full by tomorrow after church.  Isn’t it beautimous?  I am blessed.

So we are starting our new adventure.  He’s ranched before (before me) and has always wanted to get back into it.  We decided to raise our own beef so we KNOW what is in them – healthy beef.  It is actually part of my journey – eating healthy.

This nice long beautiful driveway.  Can’t you see it with twinkle lights at Christmas, wrapped around the top of the fence?  I know!  Awesome, huh?  But you should have heard Alpha Hubby when I mentioned that to him! Whaaaat?

I did learn that moving, having stuff in two houses, remodeling, unpacking, freaking about space, and other lovely things like that, can affect your journey back into your Little Black Dress.  It’s called STRESS and you sure can eat some crapola during this time period.  It pays to pay attention – which I didn’t do – so now I am getting off the five pounds I put on by eating deli food.  Didn’t matter that it was a Swiss Bistro – toooooooo much bread (and homemade steak fries).

But that is part of the journey – life sometimes gets in the way!  Be prepared – better than I was – and factor things like this into your journey!!