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Love Letter to My Alpha Hubby

Someone once asked me, “Is your Alpha Hubby really the way you portray him?” Yes, yes he is. This song could have been written about him:


They read you Cinderella – you hoped it would come true
That one day your Prince Charming
Would come rescue you

It is kind of funny how we were fed fairy tales when we were younger and we don’t realize how they stick with us as we grow up. Even after life as proven differently, they are still there.

I never felt I needed rescuing but I always thought maybe, just maybe, there was a Prince Charming somewhere out there. Someone who would look at me and really SEE me.

You like romantic movies; you never will forget
The way you felt when Romeo kissed Juliet
All this time that you’ve been waiting
You don’t have to wait no more

I always was, deep down inside – very, very hiding-away-deep – a romantic. Even after life dealt me some pretty vicious blows, the small, tiny ember of hope, want, maybe even faith, flickered and never quite went out. Not that I’d ever have admitted THAT!

Outwardly I never believed it could come to pass. Never. But deep down where the truth, the who that we really are, lives? It never died.

In my private to-me-only moments, I dreamed there could be someone who would love me unconditionally, never lie, never cheat, never steal my heart then drop what was left of me by the wayside. There could be someone, couldn’t there?

woman princess kissing frog
Believing the fairy tale

One day after years of toads and frogs, he was there. Leaning up against that work cubicle entryway, smiling at me. He asked an innocuous question which led to an hour-long chat fest in my cubicle.

By the time he left the cubicle I’d agreed to go, a month later, to a church Valentine party with him. To rescue him from a stalker. I was a little shell-shocked that he’d asked and that I’d said yes, without thinking it out first.

I can love you like that – I would make you my world
Move heaven and earth – if you were my girl
I will give you my heart – be all that you need
Show you you’re everything – that’s precious to me
If you give me a chance
I can love you like that

One evening during one of many long conversations, I explained how someone had once told me I loved too much. I will never forget what he said to me, ever. He smiled gently and replied, “Well, it is a good thing that I need a lot of love then, isn’t it?”


There were times he would place his palm on my cheek and look into my eyes. That was so hard for me.  I felt too exposed, too open, and I would always look away. I asked him why he did that. He said that it showed him where I was, what was in my heart.

I never make a promise I don’t intend to keep
So when I say forever, forever’s what I mean
I’m no Casanova, but I swear this much is true
I’ll be holding nothing back when it comes to you
You dream of love that’s everlasting
Well, baby open up your eyes

fairytale 1

From the very beginning, he began showing me that I was precious to him. He never played games, he never made me guess what he was thinking or feeling, he really never made a promise he didn’t intend to keep, he never lied. Ever. His whole focus was on me. His entire goal was to make me, not only happy, but aware of who I was – someone I’d lost years ago.

You want tenderness
I’ve got tenderness
And I see through to the heart of you
If you want a man who understands
You don’t have to look very far

He spent so much time helping me find my lost self simply because he saw my into heart and wanted me to see it, too.  That’s what he told me. He said that the day he was in my cubicle, God showed him my true heart, the one no other man saw. He saw it and he wanted it, wanted it given to him.

Tango orange trust cropped

He saw my fears, my hurts, my tears, my hidden gentle woman. He saw the one hidden behind the woman who had to be super strong to survive the life she was living; the one who cried at mushy commercials and romantic movies but never let anyone see. He saw a woman longing to be understood, seen, loved unconditionally.

He saw ME. And he loved me. And he actually said to me: “I can love you like that. Hook your dreams up with mine. I will take care of your heart. I will protect and cherish you. Trust me and I will never drop you.”

And for 22 years, 11 months, 4 weeks, he has kept his words and promises.

Baby, I love the way you love me.

5 thoughts on “Love Letter to My Alpha Hubby

  1. A beautiful story … better than any fairy tale … congratulations on following your heart, having faith and being willing to give it a try. You are relationship inspiration .. Hugs to you my friend <3 C.

    1. Thank you for your beautiful words! What I love most about this relationship is that after 22 years, it just keeps getting better and more intimate! Hugs back to you!!

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