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Luv: Time in a Bottle

When I was single, I’d read a biography or two about couples so divinely placed together, it almost hurt to look at the brilliant light of their love.  People all agreed: it was a love, precious and rare.  One not for mere ordinary mortals.  

Or dreamers.

Little girls may dream of a prince charming.  Young idealistic ladies might dream of a knight in shining armor.  Silly women daydream of true love’s kiss. 

But not me.  I didn’t dream.  That would be… ridiculous.  Everyone knew I was practical.

I just wanted to be happy.  I wanted peace in my life, and not drama.  I wanted ordinary; days lined up so I knew what to expect from each one.  No surprises.  Practical.  So much so, no one would ever believe I had any dreams at all.

But I did.  Secretly.  I would devour books with heroes who were larger than life.  Heroes who protected at all cost.  Heroes with unconditional love no matter what.  Heroes who would never hurt.

I had dreams of what true love was really like.  I had seen it.  And granted, it really was precious and rare – two people so finely tuned, so into one another, they were not like everyone else – but I had seen it.  I knew it existed.  And I knew it couldn’t happen for me.  But still, I secretly dreamed.

I would think how amazing that would be – to experience a love so profound, it transcended everything that had gone on before.  A love so real, it erased the past and there is only the two left.  A love that knows the heart, inside and out.  A love so all-encompassing, only the very best will do.  

A love that makes you special to someone.  And to know – to KNOW – they see the real you. understand you, like you, make you laugh – deep belly laughs, delighted grins, breathtaking giggles – and truly, truly love you.

A love so perfect, it is as if you found your other half.  Something found that was meant to be.  Something truly precious and rare.  Such a big dream it was.

And then one day… it happened.  Ms. Practical met Mr. Romance.  True love’s kiss sealed and they truly do live happily ever after. 

(And he makes the best ever fudge. Oh my.)

If ever there was a perfect song to express the love I have for my husband, this one, Time in a Bottle, comes close.  There is a song line:

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

Baby, for our 17th Valentine’s Day together,

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I’d save every day like a treasure and then
Again, I would spend them with you

*Time in a Bottle, Jim Croce

20 thoughts on “Luv: Time in a Bottle

  1. I’m definitely the dreamer in my relationship, and my husband is Mr. Practical. I think we balance each other out. It’s nice to dream, but we definitely need you practical people to pull us back down to reality! 😉

  2. I wanted a Michael… I wanted to be Hope…. But in the end I wanted to be Nancy. That was before I wanted to be Ellyn. She got Billy…
    I now have a combination: Michael, Elliot, Gary, Billy all in one My Own Mr Wonderful!

  3. What a sweet story of love…. It is hard for anyone NOT dream for Mr. Romantic, lifesaving, superhero, sensitive, yet Mr. Manly to walk into your life and sweep you off your feet in a flash. I met mine, but not after a few trial runs with not so Mr. Right…..

  4. I was so concerned when we had married that I would not be exciting enough for you. I thought I was boring because I was precise in when I would show up, coming home from work, etc. You could set a clock by my arriving. Not taking a night out with the boys or stopping off at some bar for a shot of chocolate milk to give that boost and courage to go on.

    You made it worth coming home to spend time with you. You erased, with time, all of the scars of my past. You told me you had a lot of love to give and God knows I needed a lot! You are the reason I go out and slay the dragons. You are easy to protect because you allow me to. Early in our relationship at a baseball game a foul ball was coming straight for your head and you never flinched or moved a muscle. You allowed me to step in and catch the ball. You allowed me to be your hero. I sure am glad I didn’t miss.

  5. Ok, although this was officially the sappiest post ever, I loved it!
    Anyway, you had me at fudge!
    So glad you found Mr. Romantic. No, really I am…really!
    Cute little floating hearts on the blog btw!

  6. I love this song. I have loved it since the first time I heard it. I love coming here just to hear the songs. All right, I like reading your posts too – they always inspire me somehow, someway. True love: is there anything better? Maybe his fudge?

  7. Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! What a heartwarming story this was! So…you live in my homestate of Arkansas, huh? How ’bout those HOGS?:)

    1. I KNOW! To finally trust, no matter how hard it was, is the absolute best thing. I look back now and think, “What took me so long? He really is NOT an axe murderer!! Wow.”

  8. A love not meant for mere mortals, dreaming, not really believing…I walked in your shoes, and I do now, too. Beautifully expressed, my Arkansas twin.

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