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Luv – Makin’ Whoopee

(In celebration of February, the luvvv month, I will be writing a series of posts throughout the month about the differing layers of love.) (This is a re-do-revamp of an older post; has a few older comments)

Is your relationship focused on everything but one another?

Have you had trouble making time for yourselves?

Baby, when it comes to making time for sex, don’t let that gauge get too low!

Sex.  I know some of you are asking yourselves, “What’s that?” since it’s been so long.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t meant to remind you of what you’re missing out on!

Sometimes keeping things fueled up (sorry) may or may not involve things like

These (even if they are plus sized):

And this:

And this:

Maybe this:

Which may or may not lead to:

Which may or may not interest you.  Heh heh heh.

I am by no means an expert.  I have, however, been married 16.11 years and our sex life (can I say that on here?) has gotten better, hotter, steamier, more fun, umm, wait a minute let me go check out a thesaurus: red hot, sexier, sensual, romantic, spicy, impassioned, amorous, blahdy, blahdy, blah. 

So I’m sure you’re wondering “what’s her point?”  Well, that one pix of all the lingerie?  It isn’t that you have to wear any of that (which, as we all know, can strangle).  The point is that you should do things that make you feel, think, do, and be sexy for him (and for yourself).  Most men actually are very visual and appreciate any prettifying up his woman will do for him.  It makes them feel loved and special.

Even if it’s hard to do, schedule it into your day.  Slather on that lotion.  Paint those toenails.  Spray that cologne, both on yourself and on your sheets… speaking of which, we have his, hers and ours cologne – some he loves on me and some he doesn’t.  I use “his” cologne during these times.  Sometimes just catching a whiff of that scent lets him know he’s getting lucky tonight!!  Oh come on, we’ll all adults here.

Set the atmosphere – a clean seducing room, candles, scent, the whole 9 yards.  Do the seductive things you do and do them often.  I can tell you that *most* men love seduction and sexy, and seduction and sexy are all about attitude first, clothing, etc., secondly.

Yes, I know a lot of you have kids at home – if you have to get a babysitter, get one.  If you can only grab some time to kiss good-bye and hello during the day, do so!  If you can only get together after everyone is in bed, then for goodness sakes, be sure and LOCK the bedroom door and get together.  And that room is your sanctuary away from all the nattering things of the world – bills, kids, work, whatever.  Make sure it IS a sanctuary.  That’s why we don’t have a television in our bedroom – that is not one of the two things we do in there.   *Ahem*

It is so important to not let this part of your marriage drop even if it seems so much easier to just let it and yourself go ’cause, “oh my gosh I am so tired and the kids drove me nuts and I haven’t had a second to myself and who the heck has time for pampering myself much less getting in the mood and switching from mommy to wife just to have sex?”

For your own peace of mind and self esteem (not to mention hubby’s who, by the way, does not want to make love to mommy; he wants that beautiful woman he met, fell in love with and married), it is important to take care of “you” in this area. Why? Because you ARE so beautiful to him and should be to yourself.

One aspect of love is to be what your partner needs.  It is important to never forget that sexy is as sexy does and yes, it’s OK to be and feel sexy no matter what size you are or aren’t!  God created us to be attracted to one another.  Just like He created candles.  I know.  Hey, people think we light candles to make the room sexy.  We light candles to hide ourselves in the flickering light (dark) ’cause they say everyone looks more beautiful by candlelight (smile)! 

No, seriously, setting an atmosphere is important but not THAT important.  Sometimes ya just gotta jump in when the time is right (kids on a play date? Whoo hoo!).  Spontaneous is great.  Planned is great.  There will be peace in the valley… when that gauge is full!  Alpha Hubby’s take is anything anytime anywhere, just pull a Nike:

Just (make time to):

*Makin’ Whoopee, Rod Stewart, Elton John
*I’m In The Mood For Love, Peter Smith
*The Way You Look Tonight, Harry Connick, Jr.

26 thoughts on “Luv – Makin’ Whoopee

  1. I know your right and I know my husband would absolutely agree with you. Almost sounds like ya’ll had a conversation before you wrote the post.

    Stopping by form SITS.

  2. Yes I agree with Allyson. Kinda hard to pass up on such an eye catching title…need to put that one back in the vocabulary. Your right it sometimes becomes a dirty word like chore….great advise!

  3. Awesome, Nan. Recently, Eric had been out of town for a week. He was on his way home, and I rushed home, picked roses off our bush, scattered petals through the house, and grabbed an outfit and robe, SHAVED MY LEGS (a true mating call if there ever was one), and selected 2 cards from our “love gifts” stack (they are scratch-offs, and you get whatever the card says). He loved it. And this took me all of 10 minutes of frantic preparation. Whatever you can do to make that man you adore feel wanted, right?
    And folks, those rose petals turned into rose PEBBLES and they stained the sheets down to the mattress pad!
    Who woulda known?
    Next time, daisies.

  4. Totally guilty of not working on that aspect of the relationship between Mr Wonderful and myself…
    But you sure are right! We should do it, put him on nr 1 on our to do and to love list…
    Who knows, your post might bring some magic… Although I might be totally knackered after a 23 hour flight back home to UK!

  5. Awww – again perfect songs and sexy post. I love checking in on your blog because you never fail me. You make my day.

  6. Visual and scent is where it is. Something sheer and you have my attention. Put on some soft music to dance by and I will be putty in your hand. But then again you had me at hi there. This is the finer rewards of my life. Making whoppee will soon come.

  7. (The following comment is from last year, before I revamped this post. It was too good to delete!)

    What I have learned is that there is nothing my husband loves more than to feel that i want him. He wants to feel like a MAN, a sexy man, whose wife has sex with him because she wants it for herself. When I put on a lacy thing, even if it is on for 1.9 seconds, it was worth it, because the act of putting it on tells him I want him. I buy HIM slightly more sexy underwear (he is too macho to do anything crazy) because the act of buying it and telling him how good he will look tells him I want him.

    There are times I wear my fat clothes and times I feel good about my looks. There are times I feel amorous and times I feel TIRED. But not once have I ever regretted “being” with him. Sleepy wakes up 🙂 If I feel yucky about myself, I can let him put different thoughts – -his thoughts — in my head. And, it was not like this for me in my first marriage, but then again, I didn’t “get” this then. I am lucky; my husband IS the one for me. And I never, ever, ever want him to forget it. I want that peace, that connection, that joy, and yes, that LUST that comes with having a great sex life.

  8. For some reason we allow everything to get in the way of this part of our relationship with our guys – kids, work, house, yard, blah, blah. I had to train myself to realize HE is #1 before all else (well, except God) and he needs to know it.

  9. LOVE THIS POST! You made some very good points. Hunk would agree with Alpha hubby. In fact just the other day he said, “Do I not tell you often enough how pretty you are?” because he caught me putting myself (body image) down…. Made me feel good and he is making a point to tell me more often….. Love him…… And I do need to steam it up a bit, I must admit. Taking your advise….. Great post!

  10. Stopping by from SITs. I mean, anyone that has “sex” in the title of their post grabs my attention. hahaaha! Anyway…great post, and so true. I’m a “big” girl and my husband is so good at making me feel “sexy”, that sometimes I never feel sexier than when we’re in the bedroom. Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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