(Older post from my other website Joy-Cafe archives & is about our previous home; I’m working on #1 goal to get totally unpacked by the end of January. I’ll be back with live content when I have time!)

Marriage is a wonderful thing.  Two separate people with two separate personalities, meshing together to enjoy life as a team!  Both have areas of strength and weakness.  Hopefully, they balance one another.  You know what I mean, like where you are weak, he is strong and visa versa.  Not that you are ever weak!

So Alpha Hubby says I have issues with cupboard doors.  I tend to disagree with him.  I don’t think I have issues.  I think he’s just a wee bit.. oh, what’s the word?  Oh yeah, anal, ya know?  So this morning, I was writing in my journal and thought about how he’s always asking, “Can’t you just shut the cupboard doors when you’re through?”  I thought to myself, “I don’t have a problem; I wonder why he thinks I do?”

Then I got up from my chair, turned around to leave the room and lo and behold, right behind me, this is the sight that greeted my eyes:

Then I glanced over to the the right side and saw this:

Then wandered into the kitchen and saw this, AND I did this ALL before 8:00 in the morning.  I just hate when he is rii… riigh… grrr.  I’m not gonna say it.  He’s not totally inaccurate in his probable hypothesis that I may or may not have certain traits that could or could not be construed as… *ahem* …issues.


DON’T TELL ALPHA HUBBY, but I think I may have issues with cupboard doors!  I have no idea why I get in such a focused hurry that I can’t reach up (or down) and shut the door before going to do whatever it was I was going to do after getting in the cupboard in the first place.  Say that fast three times!

BUT, I think it is that area of weakness that builds on a strength he has.  You know – I leave the doors open and he shuts them – not because he’s anal and wants them shut.  Not because I’m spacey and leave them open.  It is because I want him to know he is loved

Yes, it is true!!  It is the ultimate sacrifice of love on my part!  Is is an unconditional love so pure that I give to my baby because I love him.  I leave the cupboard doors open, he goes around shutting them, and thus feels loved and needed.  

Hey!  I wasn’t a psychology major for nuttin’ ya know!

Every husband needs to know that his wife loves and needs him, right?  Right???

I do love him and need him.  I really need him to shut to doors since obviously I can’t!

And if you believe that one…..