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More and More Favorite Things 4

I can’t say I have my site back up to speed since I haven’t done anything with it since changing out domain companies.  I still have 8 months left on my old website builder plan so have time to play.

With that note, I am not going to be serious today, I’m going to show you more of my favorite things.  To see others I’ve done, go to Categories on the side bar and find Favorite Things:

If you like Italian roast coffee, here are choices for the K-Cup for Keurig and beans for your own delicious grinding!

Keurig – Lavazza (Amazon)

30 Count – Lavazza K-Cup Variety Pack Sampler

Lavazza K-Cups
Lavazza K-Cups

Grind Your Own – illy Coffee Beans – (there are many types of roasts so check the cans) (Amazon)

illy Caffe Scuro Whole Bean Coffee (Dark Roast, Black Top), 8.8-Ounce Tins (Pack of 2)

 lly Coffee Beans Dark Roast

70’s and 80’s Love Songs.  What’s not to love?  They wrote some amazing love songs in the 70’s and 80’s.  There are a few on the sidebar music player like a huge favorite, Otis Redding Try a Little Tenderness (altho technically 1967 but not when I heard it), Here and Now by Luther Vandross, Joan Jett’s Black Velvet, Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight, Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad, and so many more!

Let’s see – oh yes!  In my quest to continue to drink more water, especially on the go – fun stuff (Amazon).  You can add cucumber (so delish), lemons, orange slices, whatever!

AdNArt Flavour-It Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser, 20-Oz

AdnArt Red Bottle
AdNArt Red Bottle

A favorite educational site for health place is:  For about $14 a year, you can keep current on every supplement such as those green coffee beans to Yohimbe.  Nothing is more frustrating than finding you are paying $40 a month for a supplement that has like 3% of the product rather than 100% (like a former omega-3 oil I was taking).

Since Alpha Hubby and I work hard to eat healthy, take good supplements to help stay healthy, and hate wasting money on something that doesn’t work, Consumer Lab has to be a part of our lives!  It also keeps you from going off on crazy rabbit trails because someone said, “Oooo this is wonderful and it works! REALLY! No, no one paid me to say that. Why do you ask??  OK I’m off to go use my free Stardollars coffee for a year coupon.”

They are donation run not ad-sponsored so no one can “buy” their report.  This ensures you get the truth about products you are buying.

Another favorite – Thermos Brand Travel Mug

Thermos 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Thermos Mug

I’ve had mine since February and not once have I spilled a drop EXCEPT when I leave the lid’s push button up.  It seals really tightly and keeps hot hot for about 3 hours and cold cold for about 6.  I can’t tell you how many mugs I’ve gone through over the years that swear “We don’t leak” and the first time if fell out of my cup holder in the car, I had stained carpet… grrrr.

Another favorite thing is something I love doing – shining copper and silver.  It is one of those jobs that you see immediate and beautiful results.  I bought this silver plated coffee canister years ago.  I forgot to take a before picture of the canister but it looked similar to the spoon.

Before spoon crop After Spoon 2 crop

after spoon  After Spoon in its place crop

One of the BEST eyeliner pencils is L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Silkissime Silky Pencil Eyeliner.  I picked up several colors on ebay from this seller (she’s fast delivery) for about $5.95 apiece, free shipping.  I believe you can find them on Amazon, and other places.  This pencil is soft yet glides on and stays on until you take it off.  I have yet to have it smear or disappear.  Pretty colors from black, charcoal to plum, purple and cobalt blue!  And what’s not to like about a product that has KISS in the name???

LOreal eye pencil   LOreal silkissme

Best sharpener to sharpen this L’Oreal eye pencil is a Nars Pencil Sharpener (again, ebay):

Nars Pencil Sharpener

Last but not least:

Nan hair color 1     Nan hair color now

My grey hair (heh heh heh)!  Hey, I didn’t say these were YOUR favorite things!

I used to spend beaucoup dollars to have my hair lightened.  I was born with white-blond hair but it gradually turned to that dish-water mix of not brown but not blond hair that would lighten in the sun but darken in the winter.  One day I quit coloring (after several years).  Much to my surprise I had grey-white-?? hair that Alpha Hubby loves.  It’s not really grey.  It just looks like I kept spending beaucoup dollars.  Hmm.  If that is the trade-off for my birthday numbers getting higher, then I accept.  It saves me I don’t know how much money!

Aaaaaand, that’s it for this edition of Favorite Things.  How fun to get to share with you guys.  You should tell me some of yours in the comment section.  I always love learning about new products!

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  1. I love your favorites list because I always find things I have to rush out and buy right now!! One of my favorite things is copper bottom pans old timey kind like Paul Revere. I have my grandmothers and love them. Oh yeah and I really love your hair ?color? because I know what you mean about paying the big bucks just to get this color.

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