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It is a tough time when you draw a blank when it comes time to post.  I’ve been so caught up in the house addition and remodel, AND most especially in ZEN-ING my house, that I haven’t had time for much thinking.  Yes, you read that right – zen-ing.  Making my home zen-like.  Instead of this:

Messy House

Work toward something like this:

Zen Living
Zen Living

Anyhoot, I am working on getting rid of excess – things I haven’t used in years, things that are new that I’ve never used (candles DO eventually lose their scent), and things that would be a blessing to someone else now, rather than sitting in boxes in my storage.

So while I’m doing that, I am going to share with you a few more of my favorite things, this time health-related!   A few years ago, Alpha Hubby and I decided we wanted to LIVE the Winnie the Pooh quote:

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day,
so I never have to live without you.”

To do that, we would have to make some serious lifestyle changes.  About 8 years ago, we got off all white sugar and anything that had sugar added to it.  Do you have ANY idea HOW many products out there have sugar added?  Yep, even McD’s salads.  Grrr.  Then a little later, we got off all foods with chemicals in them, processed foods.  We changed our sweetener to raw, unprocessed organic honey (local is best but we also get ours, especially alfalfa, from The Honey Jar).   There were other changes

Delish nutrish olive oil.  I have never liked extra virgin olive oil.   It was such a strong taste – nawsty.  But some of the best Mediterranean recipes call for extra virgin olive oil.  What to do??

Then I discovered something wonderful.  I learned that there are different varieties of olives (I know, I know but I didn’t know!) and I have fallen in love with Piantone di Mogliano which has tasting notes of buttery and mild.  Think “dipping fresh, chewy French bread into it.”  (And I just also discovered some Greek olive oils that are buttery!)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

OH YEAH.  It is so good.  I discovered this when I adopted a tree in Italy a few years back from a collective of olive groves there.  I did this through  I liked that it supported local farmers and I knew where my olive oil is coming from.  Over the year period I receive a package of olive oil (4 tins) from my tree and another package of three flavoured virgin olive oils.  May I just say, YUM?  I just re-signed up again and added another variety (mild, of course).  I will visit my tree someday.

Then we have Alpha Hubby who loves habanero peppers.  They are difficult to find here and I’ve had trouble growing them.  So Ta Da!  The next best thing and so handy – Habby Flakes!  Been using them for years.

Original Habby Flakes

They have cute little sample sizes, too, along with some new things like Chipotle Flakes – (Morita) Smoked Red Ripened Jalepeno.  Easy to cook with and take with you, and you control the heat!

Then we have this amazing stuff, three little cooking gems from Salt Works (they have so many types of Sea Salt, you might just go crazy [and right now it is free shipping!]):

Sea Salt Smoked

Hellfire, Bonfire and Wildfire– and I’m not talking intimate bedroom tricks.  These are delish smoked sea salts with a kick – Hellfire is smoked habanero (but not too bad a bite), Bonfire is our favorite, Extra Bold Smoked (on meat? Wow!), and Wildfire, a mixture of smoked sea salt and herbs.  These are from the Retail Gourmet section (small container but powerful salt).

If you want larger bags check the Bulk Gourmet section (altho right now I just see Bonfire (3 lb), Salish® – Alderwood Smoked (fine), another favorite, Applewood Smoked Sea Salt – Yakima®, and Hickory Smoked Sea Salt – Durango®, and Fusion® – Smoked Serrano Salt (Bulk).  Sea Salt is better for you than table salt.  Just don’t buy it off the shelves in most grocery stores.  Go online or go to a health food store.

So I’m thinking that’s enough for today.  I will leave you with the best anti-ager out there:

LAUGHTER!!  Lots and lots of laughter.  And being in love.  That’s really good for your health!  Just love!  Well, and being in love with someone who makes you laugh – THAT is BEST of all!

So babe?  Another wonderful Winnie the Pooh quote just for you:

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long,
difficult words but rather short, easy words like
“What about lunch?”

HEY!!  I can’t be mushy ALL the time.