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More Favorite Things 2

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I’ve been enjoying my hiatus and am planning to do some cleaning up of the website before I come back.  In the meantime I thought I’d share some more fave things.  It’s two-fold – I want you to enjoy things that are amazing AND I want people to help keep the product from going extinct.


I was born with fine whiteish-blond hair.  Huh.  I guess I’ve come full circle since it is now white for a different reason.  Anyway, my eyelashes and eyebrows were so blond that they looked non-existent.  Good thing I plucked when I was younger because they came back in darker.  But the lashes – I am always on the lookout for anything (other than false lashes) to help my mascara amp up my lashes.  You’re gonna love this:

M·A·C Prep + Prime Lash


 “For use under mascara: a white coat that dries to a semi-clear base. Smoothes and conditions the lashes. Intensifies the build and lengthening quality of all formulas. Helps mascara last longer.” 

After I use this, I don’t have any trouble getting mascara to show and build up without clumping.  It’s pretty amazing stuff.  I purchased mine on ebay but you can find it at department stores (online) or Sephora, etc.


Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo

oscar blandi dry shampoo

If you go-go-go and don’t have time to wash your hair, it is time to discover dry shampoo!  Oscar Blandi is what I use simply because I discovered it cheaply at TJ Maxx.  I love, love, love dry shampoo spray because sometimes my root area is oily.  I’ve used other brands (Big Sexy Hair [good stuff], Batiste [strong scent] and Bumble and Bumble [$$]).  Dry shampoo not only makes my hair look clean but it acts like a root boost and helps create volume. oscar blandi dry shampoo powder

It also comes in a shake on powder (invisible) that some people like better than the spray.  Google it for best pricing.

 “When applied, it instantly boosts volume and cleanses the hair without water. Gentle starches absorb excess oil and product build-up. The end result is hair that looks and feels freshly shampooed, without a trace of residue.”


Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Dr. Bronner

“Born in 1908 to a Jewish family that had been making soap since 1858, Emanuel Bronner was the third generation certified as a master-soapmaker under the guild system of the time. In 1929, he brought his formulas for high-quality liquid and bar soaps to America, starting Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps in its current form in 1948.” 

My skin is dry and when we began going process-free in our food choices, Alpha Hubby decided to do the same with his soap (i.e., no chemicals).  He switched to goat milk soap (see below) which he uses on body and hair.  I didn’t like it for my hair, so I stick to my shampoo (only because I’m spoiled with my shampoo).  I discovered Dr. Bronner’s pure castille soap in the peppermint fragrance at the health food store.  I fell in love until I discovered it also came in rose (and other wonderful scents like almond,

I order it in its liquid form online now.  It is “A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky-smooth and refreshed.”  Lovely stuff!  My skin is very happy.


Rose of Sharon Goat Milk Soap

(And other goodies, made in America, supporting faminly owned and operated small businesses).

One of the fragrances
One of the Fragrances

As I said, Alpha Hubby switched to using goat milk soap several years ago using the shampoo and body bars.  We first discovered Monica at Rose of Sharon Acres online but she has since become an e-friend.  She is always discovering and creating new products all the time – stuff good for you!  She has a liquid toothpaste I’ve used for a few years now.  The lady who cleans my teeth found just a minute bit of plaque in January.  She was amazed.  Me, too!  Even better?  For the first time since I was a child, I had NO cavities at a dentist visit.  I’m not saying her tooth liquid did it, but it IS sugar free!!


Last but not least – if you have a Keurig One-Cup Coffee Pot, you know how expensive those little pods can get.  Ta-Da!

Ekobrew Cup,Refillable K-Cup

K Cup reusable filter

Add your favorite ground coffee and you’re good to go.  A lot less expensive than the pods.  I purchased mine on Amazon – and they have several types, too.  I use these and have for about 2 years now.


Alpha Hubby pretty much finished the remodel of the living room (thank goodness, I hated that carpet).  We still have to figure out pictures, extras, etc., but that can wait.  His most important point was putting up his new television on the wall he created for it.  I think it looks amazing; what do you think?

Their LR Before Purchase 1
Their LR Before Purchase 1


Their LR Before Purchase 2
Their LR Before Purchase 2


Their LR Before Purchase 3
Their LR Before Purchase 3

After but not completely finished yet:

TV on Black Wall
TV On Black Wall


LR After 1
LR After 1


LR After 2
LR After 2

The extra bedroom is painted a lovely… a lovely… well, I was going for a light lavender but sent Alpha Hubby to the store and I got this – which isn’t bad NOW, just surprised the heck out of me at first.   I walked in and said, “Far out, man! Like wow. Where’s the doobie, dude?”

Yeah, shades of hippy color and tie-died comforter! It’s all good.  It is a lovely EASTER color.  Have a blessed and HAPPY EASTER and Spring IS coming!  Really!!

Extra BR

Extra BR 2

6 thoughts on “More Favorite Things 2

  1. Hi Nan!!
    I love my Aveda dry shampoo. It gives me that extra lift and has a menthol feel that’s cooling, too;). I don’t know what people did back in the day without this awesome invention. Who has time to wash their hair!
    I also love that refill K cup thing. I didn’t even know there was such a thing and have been very hesitant to purchase a Kerig because of the insane price of the kcups! Super sweet;)
    So good to see you here again! I e been missing your posts <3

    1. My son/wife bought me the Keurig last year for my birthday and I quickly realized that those k-cups are too insanely expensive to keep using, including the tea. I love the refillable ones! People used baby powder and cornstarch back in the day. A mess (smile).

  2. Did not read it all. But not sure, i skimmed it over – I did not see working out. Is that not your new favorite thing now??


    1. Listen Alpha Son, just because you make me throw around a medicine ball for an hour does not mean you can dis my favorite things! I am not quite ready to say working out is a favorite thing. Soon. Really. Honest!

  3. You always have such nice favorite things and I always want to rush out and try them right away. I’m so glad I can go shopping immediately online. Thanks for sharing this.

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