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I just recently readopted my olive oil tree – the one I adopted in Italy over three years ago.   I love the oil from Piantone di Mogliano olives!

Nudo Olive Oil sized

I had no idea olive oil came in so many varieties of strengths and flavors.  I didn’t know that the crapola sold on most grocery store shelves sometimes isn’t really extra virgin, and most taste horrid. What REALLY ticks me off is that “extra virgin” olive oil is often diluted with other less expensive oils, including hazelnut, soybean, corn, sunflower, palm, sesame, grape seed and walnut.  These other oils will not be listed on the label, nor will most people be able to discern that their olive oil is not pure.

Even worse?  A lot of oil on the shelves are rancid.  The Olive Oil Times reported: “The sad truth is that most people in the US… are accustomed to the flavor of rancid olive oil.”  It is important to know where your olive oil comes from!

I have hated olive oil all my life until I discovered a mild one in a restaurant with the dipping bread.  What an epiphany!

nudo logo cropped

Nudo Italia began their adoption program about 4 years ago.  I discovered them 3 years ago and decided to adopt a tree.  I still remember the very first taste of my olive oil.  It was so mild and buttery and I fell in love.  They have different programs but can ship oil up to four times a year.   (They even have some infused with chocolate!)  I will never, ever ever go back to ordinary olive oil again.


Then we have lovely organic unprocessed raw honey.  I have always hated honey, too.  The stuff from stores is usually clover and so strong it was, to me, just nawsty!  Then one day someone said, “Here, try a taste of alfalfa honey.”  Whooo!  It was so mild that it barely had flavor. Just delicious sweetness that doesn’t spike my blood glucose (in raw, unprocessed form).


After years of trial and error, the BEST place I get my delish honey from (which also sells me my organic virgin coconut oil) is Tropical Traditions.  They sell raw, wild, organic honey in different sizes.  I buy a pail and transfer it to my used cleaned up 16 ounce jars & revel in all those pretty jars sitting on my shelf.


 And tell me, are you as disgusted with kitchen towels as I am?  They don’t soak up any water and leave streaks on your dishes!  Microfibre is great until it’s not.  It only lasts about 100 washings.  I remember my mom’s flour sack cotton towels so searched.

I found AMAZING towels.  Keeble Outlets 26-Ounce 100% Cotton Dish Towels, Pack of 6 (you can also get 12, which I recommend).  These towels are low lint and are good for wiping countertops down, drying dishes and hands, and some people even use them for embroidery!

giant spice infuser

Most of you know what a tea infusing ball is, but the best thing I ever discovered was a very large 4”x3.5” infuser!  When I make soup that calls for ingredients you don’t want to leave in – such as bay leaves – it is perfect!  I made chicken soup yesterday and put in all my fresh herbs and garlic bulbs, along with the bay leaves, hung it on the side of the pot and let it simmer with the soup.

You may use the ball for mulling spices, brewing tea, making wine, and it also makes a splendid infuser for bath herbs. This unit has a twist lock top. I got mine on ebay but I’m sure you can find them elsewhere!

Lelands Ofice sized

And I leave you with my most favorite thing of all.  Alpha Hubby has been able to work from home three to four days in a week.  He has his own exterior office, but he’s in the house for lunch and breaks, and I can visit him in his office like a naughty secretary… *ahem* … like a loving wife should.

(office pix 2 years ago, from deck)

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