LBDDiaries, Nan C. Loyd

I am the LBDDiaries blog owner. My picture is outdated by 4 years. I don’t care. It is my favorite picture right now (smile)!

I am a blogger, a singer, a writer, a poet, a teacher, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and someone passionate about helping people made changes in their lives through the words they speak. I seriously believe in anti-aging. I don’t mind the yearly up-tick in numbers but I do not believe you should just let it all go without a good fight (moisturize, baby!).

I am Owner, Dancing Bulls Advertising, responsible for several business and ministry websites.

I am Owner, Red Market Beef Butchery, along with Red Market Diner. Both are in the creation/build stage.

I am married to a knight in shining (occasionally tarnished) armour. He came along when I thought no one like him existed to come along. He totally changed and enhanced my life. And yes, he truly is as amazing as some of these stories talk about.

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