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Never Give Up! Never Surrender, Redux!

I am packing for my move so I am going to recycle some of my older posts. I will add “redux” in the title so you will know it is a recycled posting.

In the movie, Galaxy Quest, there was the prevailing theme and saying of, “Never give up! Never surrender.”  That is the battle cry of LBD women working toward their LBDs.  We may have several different sizes of LBDs – I believe I have 13 (yes, I lie not. I like LBDs a LOT) in my closet in varying sizes – but to gain entry to each size we must never give up and never surrender

The one absolute in women who have failed in their weight loss programs is that they QUIT whatever program they were working.  We all can have the bad habit of giving up if we don’t see massive improvement immediately.  Ask me how I know!  I want to lose 10 pounds a week so it only takes 9 weeks to get the weight off!  Then I’ll be happy.

BUT – and here’s a key – if I haven’t been faithful to losing that 2 pounds a week “they” claim is healthy for us to lose, what makes me think I’d be faithful to sticking to the 10 pounds a week plan?  It truly isn’t about how much weight we can get off each week.  It is about NOT QUITTING. 

Type or write that saying up and post it on your mirror and refrigerator – NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER!

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  1. I’ve never counted but I suspect I may have more than 13 LBD’s! It’s my favorite thing to wear! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Best of luck with your move!

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