Don’t mind me, I’m just practicing.  NO NO NO NO NO!

…lovely sourdough French bread. As toast with butter. As sandwich. Dunked in below mentioned coffee. Oh let me count the ways…

…bites of Ba*y Ru*h candy bars. Yeah, uhn huh and if you believe that ONE bite story…

…coffee with a dollop of heavy whipping cream and it’s not the coffee that’s the prob here.

…steak fries from the bistro down the road along with whatever they were served with ’cause it’s never good for me. Except going down. It’s the staying part – on my bod – that is not good.

…cream cheese on bagel or not on bagel. Perhaps diet crackers? Not if I eat the whole box. Since there aren’t that many in diet boxes anyway. Right? NO cream cheese. NO bagels. And for darn sure NO Thomas Sourdough English Muffins. NO NO NO.

…to the fact everything may tastes better sitting on a R*tz but whatever it AND the Ritz are not in my best interests. At all. Ever. R*tz are not my friend.

Miss Julia over at sent me this comment on one of the posted questionaires I filled out that had pix – here is the trigger – and here is what she said (tongue in cheek, not snarky):

Did you ever stop to think that their are other struggling dieters out there, that just might not appreciate being exposed to delicious-mouth-watering photos of fries? I dont think so! You need to check yourself, girlfriend. 😉

Oh and p.s. there is NOTHING wrong with the meme thingie I am a part of, it’s ME. My digging around for delish pix and the like. I love the questionaire, I just have a “NO” issue I’m working on!

SHE’S RIGHT!  I used to fill out those questionaires and post mouthwatering pictures – then wonder later on why I craved some food – like fries – that I hadn’t even thought about.

I was putting it before my eyes – tempting myself.  Temptation comes in many forms. My problem is that I thought “just one bite won’t hurt” and while that one bite might not, it is a TRIGGER – the pirahana effect I told you about before. I become a remorseless eating machine. I won’t even realize I was beginning to go the wrong direction until my clothes get tight again. I didn’t even look back to see what triggered it (because I quit writing in my food journal days ago).

I have to tell myself to the food AND to the mouthwatering pictures (I mean, I just posted a delish manacotti picture and I want it but I’m telling myself) – a big fat

Otherwise I will continue taking 2 steps backwards instead of jogging forward.  I heard a woman on a television show the other day.  She’s lost 180 pounds in her 30’s.  She’d been overweight since she was 8 years old.  She said, “I will never put another Snick**s bar in my mouth again for as long as I live.  It was one of my worst offenders.”  ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY POUNDS.  She lost a whole person, simply thru diet and exercise.  I say simply – it isn’t – but rather than surgery. But what I caught was that she told herself ‘NO’ to get there.

Between that lady and Julia, I am learning.  The answer is