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Oh Happy Day!

Valentine’s Song, Your Precious Love (Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell)




This is the e-Valentine Alpha Hubby sends me almost every year.  Sometimes he adds, “Please?” and sometimes not.  I remember the first time I received it.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  Not because of any reason except I loved it.  Totally.

It typifies Alpha Hubby attitude of… oh I dunno… alpha-ness (pigheadedness).  He is a bossy britches, for sure.  I wouldn’t have him any other way.  Why?


I have to say that I don’t need chocolates, flowers, jewelry, pretty cards, romantic gestures, or THINGS to celebrate one day.  Why?  Well, because he has spent the better part of the past 2 years creating or re-creating an amazing home for me within this one we bought back then.

Front before we purchased house, their stuff:

Front of house before addition
Pre-purchase 2010

Addition during:

Front of house during remodel started 10-8-11
Addition, October 2011
Addition Front Unfinished
Current picture of front porch (unfinished)

View through French doors from master bedroom:

From Bed
Master bedroom view through French doors to front porch

He built a large addition on that is not only a master suite but at the end of it is a large office, just for me.  He took a kitchen and made it nicer, just for me.  Created a dining room, just for me (and built the 10′ long mission table to go into it, just for me.  Remodeled two bathrooms, created a walk-in pantry, tore out two teensy tiny bedrooms and created a library, all just for me.  He is now working on remodeling the living (but that is just for him, smile.  Big TV and all, ya know).

Front Porch unfinished
Unfinished front porch and extra large rocking chairs

He bought extra large rocking chairs for our front porch, just for me.  And more, just for me.  All while also working 50-60 hours a week, just for me.  And he LIKES doing – creating – just for me.  Catching the theme here?  He is always telling me “I do all this for you.”  Sometimes, just sometimes I wonder if he’s trying to get out of buying mushy gifts and cards but… nah.  Those would be easier that building a home by hand and with one Alpha Son!

And I will do a post with the before and after pictures but I just have to show you one of my favorite rooms he built.  Not only does it have amazing accoustics so I can do my vocal exercises in there (smile), it is just COOL.  Neither of us has had one this big so we are enjoying it.  God is so good to us and Alpha Hubby is so good at creating.

It is my humongous wonderful amazing bath area with walk-in shower.  Or I could say “walk-through” since he has his side and I have mine.  Wanna see?   These are some of the during and not quite complete stages:

New Bathroom
Master Suite Bath Area
Shower Towers
His (taller) and Hers (shorter)
Vanity 2
Hanging Vanity
Sink Faucet
Waterfall Faucet
Private Area

This is the best on-going lifetime Valentine’s gift evah!!!  And Christmas and Birthday and Wife’s Day – what?  You never heard of Wife’s Day?  Well, shoot, let’s start one!  And Girlfriend’s Day, too!  And with an I Love Me Day added on!!!  A Significant Other Day?  Yeah, that too!

Yellow Tulip, tulipa, Meaning: There is sunshine in your smile.
Yellow Tulip, tulipa

To all my favorite e-friends, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (check my sidebar & visit some amazing bloggers).  These flowers are just for you – yellow tulips which mean “There is sunshine in your smile“.  So many of you have blessed me, made me smile, educated me, inspired me, and just plain caused me enjoyment through your blogs.  Thank you!

And Alpha Hubby? The titles of Marvin Gaye’s songs say it all, baby!  Let’s Get It On!  because “I Want You“.  And  baby, you’ve Got to Give It Up!  And Since I Had You, I can guarantee you won’t be asking What’s Going On you’ll be crying Mercy, Mercy Me!

I love you.

14 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. You really understand how to express your thoughts within the written word. This short article is dead on accurate in my viewpoint. I agree with your viewpoints. I hope many readers get to see this material.

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  3. DANG, woman, that is ONE HECK of a bathroom! If the mister hooked me up like that, I’d… well, I’d lots of stuff 😉 I’d also wonder why he’d been holding out on me since he’s not handy at all!

    1. You’re right – it IS one heck of a bathroom! He just kept making it bigger and bigger, deciding that if we were going to do this, we should do it BIG. Your comment made me laugh!! Thanks for dropping by.

  4. What?? You didn’t mention the corrals and fencing, planting of trees along the drive way (and, of course, replanting because cows got to some) and other stuff. Oh, wait that was for me. Ok, I am good now. You make it easy because all I ever wanted was to be loved and you do a mighty fine job but I won’t do that (@&#;#&*;@) and definetly not that (@#$*$&&*;@) and no to that (@$#%*) but maybe that (get it on). Oh and did I mention the pay is great!?

    1. Well then, it is a good thing I have a lot of love to give you (and your cows).

      p.s. He’s referencing the 2013 Superbowl M&M Commercial song by Meatloaf, “I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).

  5. Happy Hearts Day to you both!!! I loved this post, and it is so much like how we are around here. Valentine’s Day … is kept simple … a card a note, perhaps dinner out or a movie. We celebrate our love and being blessed to have each other in our life every day … because if one has to wait until Valentine’s Day … it would be sad, if you know we didn’t see it ( we both know how precious and short a life can be). Sending lots of red and pink hearts … Hugs, C. (HHL)

    P.S. You home is beautiful!!

  6. OMG- I am SO coming to your house dirty:)

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I love when friends are treated like Queens because that means you must be married to the King you deserve-

    Be blessed, Nan & Leland.

    1. Come on then and I’ll toss you in my lovely shower! I don’t know about deserving Alpha Hubby but sure am enjoying him!!

  7. I don’t know what I love more the song references for your alpha hubster which was mighty slick if I may say so! Or your bathroom. Can I just say I am so jealous that I think I will come take a shower at your place soon? How big is that room anyway? It is beautiful.

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