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Once Upon A Time… He Found Her and then…

Originally posted April 17, 2021

Once upon a time book

From the original 2016 Post updated

This is the story about a girl who met a boy who loved the girl completely, totally, unconditionally almost from the moment he met her.

It is about a girl who was so skittish, she never let anyone get close to her. Never let people know her inside, what she was really thinking. No one. Ever. The plot revolves around the boy overcoming the girl’s insurmountable obstacles to help her achieve her wildest dream, True Love.

Warning: this is not a fairy tale. 

Once upon a time in a desolate land, long ago, there was a girl who’d been single for twelve years. She had told God that she would never marry again, never, ever, ever, unless He wrote in the sky, “Girl, this is the one I have for you!” (and we all know how often THAT happens).

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Two weeks before the girl met the boy, a total stranger told the girl, “God said for me to tell you that you will meet the one He has for you in the next two weeks.” He also told the girl a lot of details like, “When you do meet him, don’t share that with anyone” and “You will be happier than you’ve ever been in your entire life.” 

Okaaaaay.  But the girl did sit down and type up everything he told her (*whisper* just in case). Hope prevailed while common sense said, “No way.”

One day at the Nuclear Elf Factory, the girl and boy met. The Nuclear Elf Factory frowned on office relationships, thus the “don’t tell” part the girl was told. They met a few days before the girl’s birthday. By this time, she had almost forgotten about what that stranger said so she wasn’t even thinking about it. Her guard wasn’t up. She was unsuspecting.

The boy told the girl hello. The boy and girl chatted in her cubicle. It came out that he was being stalked by an evil witch who decided he would be her next husband. He totally disagreed but she wasn’t listening.

He asked the girl to be his fake date to the church Valentine banquet to get this evil witch off his trail. Of course, being the sweet girl she was (*wink wink*), the girl said yes. She had had a stalker once, too. It’s so nice to have things in common right off the bat!

By the time our boy and girl went to the Valentine’s Day banquet 5 weeks later, they were secretly engaged. She had an engagement ring on a golden chain around her neck. (Well, until they told people, she couldn’t wear it in public now, could she?!)

Two weeks after that (seven weeks to the day after they magically met), they were married in a small evening service. Alpha Hubby and Alpha Son also had a binding ceremony, Father and Son.

Twenty-seven years, 1 months and 3-1/2 days ago, the girl met, fell in love with and married her Knight in Shining Armor. In all these years, his armor has never tarnished. He loves the girl so boldly and unconditionally that she sometimes wonders what’s the matter with him! 

HE loves her.  He LOVES her.  He loves HER

It is so breathtaking that sometimes she sits on the porch he built her, in the rocking chair he bought her, still in awe and thinking about how good God has been to her, to bring this boy across her pathway. And at times, when she comes across the notes she wrote after the total stranger told her the things he did, she is amazed how true everything he said was and how it all came to pass.

She truly is happier than she has ever been in her life. Her cousin, Cindere**a, had nothing on our girl when it came to drama and evil step … er…  talking mice? Evil cats? Psycho-exes?  Singing sadly, “In my own little corner, in my own own little chair I can be whatever I want to be“? 

The girl can’t even describe it sometimes because it is hard to wrap the mind around the fact that 27, 1 month and 3-1/2 years later, he still loves her madly, passionately and completely.

More so, actually. 

In the end, faith and hope prevailed and she finally gets the one thing she always wanted:  to be loved unconditionally by a hero. And to have True Love.

Baby, thank you for twenty-seven years, 1 month and 3-1/2 days, each day better than the last. For twenty-seven years, 1 month and 3-1/2 days of unbelievable love – sometimes warm and fuzzy, but mostly insanely hot and passionate!

Thank you for adventures, oceans, seashells, making me the best fudge and mashed potatoes ever, snowmen, seashells, laughter, seashells, and all my dreams and wishes coming true, in you. And seashells.

You are so much better than anything I could have dreamed up.

When God writes it in the sky (and He does), you can safely take a chance!

The Beginning. There is no end in a True Love story. It just keeps on getting better and better.

Next Phase: April 8, 2021, 2 pm –  this love of my life decided to go raise cattle in heaven. God did not take him; God did receive him. Probably curious why he was there early.