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One bite won’t kill ya… & other lies

That title seems to be a universal saying for people who either don’t need to lose weight or don’t want you to lose weight – “Ah come on – one taste, one bite, just one won’t kill ya.”


YES! YES, IT WILL. When people are working to get back into their Little Black Dresses, one bite will kill. It might kill motivation if you end up eating all of something you shouldn’t and gain 5 pounds. It might kill discipline if eating it (like sugar) starts you on an eating binge that doesn’t stop for a couple of months.

When a person working on a goal says, “I don’t want to eat that right now” only someone who is not on their side would say, “Ah come on, it won’t hurt to eat it this one time.” That is not being a friend or helper; it means “enabler” – enabling me to stay overweight.

Or how about, “Come eat out with me. You can have a salad!” Yeah sure, everyone around me is eating drool worthy pasta, warm hot rolls, thick fattening chocolate desert – and I have to sit there with my dry salad and watch? NO THANKS. Are you being deliberately cruel? If I tell you that I am not disciplined enough to eat out in a restuarant yet, please just take me at my word! One sniff of warm yeast rolls and I roll over like a dog and say, “Here is my exposed stomach. Own me. Beat me. Kill me now.”**

Or how about, “I know it’s your birthday so I brought you this tiny little calorie laden cake. It’s small so it won’t hurt. It’s your birthday after all!” WHAT PART OF “I’M WORKING TO GET OFF 90 POUNDS” DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

So on top of having to watch what I put in my mouth, I also have to watch what I put in my ears. Sometimes I am just not ready to be held accountable for temptations. When someone says, “One won’t hurt” I WANT to believe that. How do you think I gained all this weight in the past 10 years?

When January 1st rolled around, I was already back on track. The day after Christmas, I began watching my caloric intake again and adding more water into my daily routine. I was determined NOT to put it off and lose any ground I’d gained since I started this journey. Oftentimes before, I used the time between Christmas and January 1st to go hog wild because, after all, “I was going to start my resolution in January.”

I think that is another lie we tell ourselves. Why? Because as long as we put it off, we don’t really have to start. We can savor one more donut, one more yeast roll, one more taco, one more chocolate cake… anything to keep from disciplining our flesh.

The only thing I started January 1st was habit-breaking and reforming. Since it takes at least 28 days to create a new habit, and I undermine myself a lot by trying to do TOO MUCH, so I’m set up to fail – I took one thing – one set of instructions. I am doing them faithfully for 28 days. At the end of 28 days, if I have done a good job creating a healthy habit and I’m doing it without hassle, then I will add in something else.

Right now, every morning, krill oil capsules and Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (for minerals), and drinking 100 ounces of water before 3 pm. At the end of the month, if I feel confident that I have this habit down pat, then I will add in weight training. For the next 28 days of February, I will work my resistance routine every morning after my oil & vinegar. March 1st, I will add in something else. I will not add in anything until I have created my healthy habit that I’m working on.

Ain’t no stanking warm yeasty hot roll gonna take me down!!

**When an animal exposes its stomach, it is showing weakness and submission to a greater force be it a bigger animal or warm yeasty hot rolls

4 thoughts on “One bite won’t kill ya… & other lies

  1. Ooo, I hadn’t thought about that trick – eating in the middle of the night – or other things we do that we think “don’t count” – that’s a good one! That will make a GREAT blog!! And like you said, we think it doesn’t count but everyone else can SEE that it does – right in the gut!!!

  2. You go girl, and those warm yeasty rolls…they just don’t exist do they, nor do they smell wonderful!! We gotta beat em down!! I used to have the outlook that when I got up 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night, and ate a leftover roll, or a snack cake or two, that it “didn’t count” cause it was the middle of the night….I mean, come on, made perfect sense to me, about as perfectly stupid as it sounds every time I tell it, or write it. I KNOW it counts. Even if no one is watching me, or telling me to do it…there it is, 5lbs later on my gut or butt. No little secret then!!! Your committment and energy to stick to your plan, gives us all a little push to do the same. Thank you VERY much.

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