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One is the loneliest number…

Especially if it is one on your scale that never changes!

Ugh.  Has your scale ever gotten STUCK on a number even though you KNOW you’ve lost weight?  My clothes are getting baggy – yay – but the scale was stuck for over a week, fluctuating between this one stinkin’ number and the one above it.  It was maddening!  It got to the point I got on the scale every morning just to see if it had budged.  I changed batteries.  I thought it was broken.

I gotta tell you – I was “trying” to get discouraged and give up but this time I REFUSED.  I had made the decision back in May that I was not going to quit no matter what.  That is why I failed before – I quit.  That is why anyone fails at a specific diet or exercise program – they quit.

I also gotta tell you – IT HAS BEEN HARD.  I want to just give up sometimes.  My mind plays with me.  It keeps saying, “Oh give it up. It’s not worth it. You can’t get the weight off so why not enjoy those foods.  Go ahead!  Eat some cheesy Mexican food!  Scarf down some delish Italian pasta!  Wallow in some biscuits and gravy!!  You know you want to!!” 

Yes, I did and no I didn’t.  Sure, for one temporary moment of insanity, I wanted to indulge in something BAD TO THE BONE.  But I just… couldn’t this time.  The thought of losing ground – or gaining the weight back that I’ve already lost just won’t let me.

I had been kicking myself because I hadn’t lost as much weight since May 4th as I know I could have (based on previous experience).  But I have found that if I just keep plugging away, one step forward, two backwards, one step forward, one backward, one step forward, none backward, then I keep gaining ground.  Sure it may seem slow but it is steady and it is working!

I’m glad I didn’t give up because last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, after my scale didn’t budge for a week, I lost a pound a day to take it to my new low.  Man.  Hope.  At last.

2 thoughts on “One is the loneliest number…

  1. One has to make that quality decision no matter what the circumstances say as to not deviate from the plan. It is a puzzle as to why that happens but sometimes it does and people give up because. If it does stick then it might be a good time to go back over the diary (food log) to see if you have done something different (eating bad foods)or if you deviated from the plan. I got stuck for about two weeks and was trying to figure out what was going on. I had not eaten bad foods but I figured out that I had gotten lax about eating a full meal at night. I normally would drink my raw milk and maybe some fruit but for getting lax I had started eating meats and veggies at night. The stupid part is, I wasn’t hungry. But by changing my pattern it was holding me at a maintaining weight. I am not sure what it is about the night time but by only drinking a glass of raw milk and maybe a fruit I lose wieght over night. So by putting the plan back on track this past week I weighed in this morning at an all time new low putting me at last within 5 pounds of my goal. So never quit and review your patterns to make sure you have not deviated from the plan.

  2. YAY FOR NOT GIVING UP!!! And you have been super busy lately, I am so proud of you for staying focused and determined. It is not all about the weight. Make sure you read, if you haven’t already, bikiniby30’s letter to her scale. It was UBER inspiring. As are you. I just keep telling myself that I CAN do this. I will do this. I must do this. 🙂

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