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I am so sore – whoa!  I have been working out with my new toy – the Jungle Gym.  Before you think I’ve gone off my rocker and have gone back to the kindergarten playground, a Jungle Gym is a piece of exercise “equipment” that uses your own body weight for resistance training.  It is excellent for people with limited space or who don’t want a room full of pricey exercise equipment!

It attaches to a door inside or a bar/tree limb outside and it has so many different ways you can use it, it is amazing.  I have been doing simple pull ups for now – and I am here to tell you, it kicks my bootie.  My arms, stomach and legs are sore – wow.  But it is EASY and that is probably the #1 best thing about it.  It is not complicated – so I will do it.

I also got an exercise band – an easy way to do resistance training without having to handle hand weights.  You stand on the band and pull up by the handles.  The band stretches and is another form of resistance training.  Where you stand on the band dictates the amount of resistance.  Cool!

Today’s point is that there are all sorts of exercises and ways to exercise out there.  If you think outside the box, you can find something you will do faithfully.  The price range varies but if money is a problem, you can do things like using water bottles for weights or finding steps to step up and down on, or a park bench to do modified push ups from.  When you are overweight, you may not be able to do the jumping jacks, long walks on a treadmill, or any other exercise that your weight will hamper.  Finding something you CAN do is vital to your journey back into your LBD.

Don’t for one second believe that you can lose weight and be healthy by simply changing your diet.  Your body needs and has to have exercise to function correctly.  So look around and find something you will do, faithfully.  It might be hard starting out – both the exercise and the faithfulness, but if you won’t quit, you will succeed.

NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER SURRENDER to the excess weight on your body.  You can do this because you can do anything you set your mind to do.