Love is listening to obscure bits of information about movie characters that he could not care less about but acts as if he does.

Love is watching a move 100 times with him just because he loves it.

Love is watching a black and white movie he can’t stand because she loves oldies… a lot.

Love is believing in their dream, no matter what it is.

Love is making time for what he needs, to feel secure.

Love is going to a job day in and day out, to support the family.

Love is telling her she’s all that when she doesn’t feel all that.

Love is telling him why she loves him, specifically.

Love is singing to him simply because he loves her voice.

Love is dressing to please her (or him) simply because you love.

Love is trying to fix things when she just wants to talk.  He wants to fix because he’s programmed that way and he wants to make it better for her.

Love is knowing he can’t fix it so just giving up and listening to her.

Love is knowing he can’t help but try to fix and patiently reminding him she just wants to talk.

Love is being spontaneous in its expression.

Love is deciding to love even when they don’t act lovable.

Love doesn’t keep score.  Love will decide to overlook (forgive) perceived wrongs and give up hurt feelings.

Love is taking care of yourself because you want to love him or her a long, long, long time.

Love doesn’t rub it in when he says, “I’m sorry.”

Love always, always always looks for the best in the other. 

Love is seduction.

Most of all, Real Love is unforgettable if you will only remember:

Remember when you first realized how much you cared?

Remember what you loved about them?  Specifically?

Remember when they took your breath away?

Remember when you could talk on the phone for hours?

Remember when just being with them satisfied something deep down in your soul?

Remember when you did something they liked (like a hobby) even if you weren’t wild about it?  You just wanted to be with them?

Remember when every word out of their mouth was golden? Words to write in your diary; words to remember forever?

Remember keeping their love letters, safely tucked away?  (Get them back out and re-read them.  You’ll remember a lot.)

Remember your promise to love always?

Real Love looks past human foibles, forgives and loves on purpose.

Real Love is remembering… then working hard to protect The Remembered.

Real Love is unconditional and Real Love never gives up on the other person.


And baby, no matter what, I would be bankrupt without your love.

Real Love is you. 

And it is true

It is incredible
That someone so unforgettable
Thinks that I am
Unforgettable, too.


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Unforgettable, Nat King Cole