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Romance and Tough Love

Quite a title, huh! Well I had to pull a Tough Love on myself for our 16th wedding anniversary. Alpha Hubby was willing to take me to the only romantic restuarant in our area. It’s one we always go to for our annivesary – Swiss – where you can have amazing cheese fondue (yes I swiped the recipe) and schnitzel. They always give us a romantic table lit by candles in the corner.

It was a tough decision. My body wanted to go. Oh yes, it did! It demanded it. But I made a Tough Love decision to tell it NO and stay home for my romantic dinner. It was the only way I could control what I ate and not blow my LBD journey.

So instead of going out and being serve amazing food – high in fat and calorie content – and for sure appetizers and desert, I sat down to this, the table:

Then the healthy food choices, thankyouverymuch – I especially love the packing box in the chair – tres’ romantique:

And, I even had this – portion control of my  steak *sigh* – (actually it was PLENTY):

Soooo – while I had an amazing and very romantic dinner with Alpha Hubby – verrrrry romantic (wink wink) – I didn’t gain any weight or lose any ground.  As a matter of fact, by the time the weekend was over and I nervously got on the scale – I’d actually lost 2 pounds.

CELEBRATE!!  It was so worth it, telling my body NO!  Not only NO but HECK NO.  Because by Monday, I had no regrets and no ground to make up – and that is something to CELEBRATE.  I didn’t even miss the restaurant.  I didn’t even mind doing the crystal, goldplate and china that evening (they can’t go in the dishwasher).  Everything else could wait!

Let me tell you what a victory this is – any time before this, I would have blown off the little voice inside my head saying, “Don’t blow it” and gone on out to eat, justifying it all the way.  “I deserve this because I’ve been good.”  Or even, “It’s my anniversary and I’ll be darned if I’m not going to celebrate it up right.”  Nope.  I thought ahead, made a wise decision and am so glad!

Here’s to that Little Black Dress journey – it is changing my lifestyle!!

4 thoughts on “Romance and Tough Love

  1. Great decision making, Nan! You sat back and took a deep breathe and make a choice. Good for you, KS!!!
    Sounds very romantic and your table looks beautiful!
    Happy, happy, happy anniversary!

  2. Ahhh, Leland, what a comment!! Thats so sweet. And Nan, if ANYBODY can set a romantic,or any other kind of beautiful setting, its YOU. You did awesome with the discipline, and had a beautiful time at home with your wonderMUSS husband. God Bless you both, and Happy Anniversary once again. Love ya

  3. Making decisions like you did, makes you a winner. People don't realize how much ground they lose when they override that little voice saying don't do it. This was a better meal then any restaurant. Don't forget you had fired steak which is very good for you. I will let people wonder how a fried steak could be good for you. I found the evening to be excellent. No noise from other tables, no waitress; nothing but ambience, love songs in the background, and the company of a beautiful damsel. This is what it is all about!

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