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See You Later, Alligator

I wish I could say I was here taking this pathway, walking to the perfect beach:

Ocean Pathway
Ocean Pathway

Or here, taking this pathway, curious as to what’s at the end of the road:

Forrest Light
Forrest Light

Or even here, curled up in a chaise and relaxing:

Flower Garden
Flower Garden

But alas, no. Those are not the pathways I am on right now.


You could call it Mountain Climbing… if that mountain is named 2016 Goals!

I’m shutting down this website for now. I’m going to focus on things vital to my every day life. I am going to work on goals important to Alpha Hubby and me. We have things we are working on for our future that require more attention than I’ve been giving, so I’m cutting out the unnecessary. 

I’ll let you know what I’ve been doing, working on, changing, renewing, re-doing, cutting out, adding in, and especially when we reach some of our major goals. I know I’m going to love where we’re going.

So Ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Ha Det Bra, Arrivedece, Aloha, さようなら (sayonara), Hej då, Farvel, Tot ziens, and see you later.

And if you like this song, look at Hypster player at the bottom right and check out the neat Cary Grant pictures. I love old black and whites.


14 thoughts on “See You Later, Alligator

  1. Whaaaa? You’re moving? Shutting down your blog? We just also committed to moving at the beginning of August. Another downsize, but it’s ok. From our travels, we’ve learned that we can live happily in less space and with less stuff. Best wishes to you and Alpha Hubby as you continue to “move on” in 2016.

  2. Wishing you continued good health, love, happiness, abundance and wonderful crazy adventures!!! Can’t wait to read about the next chapter of your life with Alpha Hubby… many blessings and hugs from the cold north of Canada 🙂

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