The ComLuv Network

Today I was given the privilege to be one of the Guest Bloggers over on the CommentLuv website.  Many of us use CommentLuv – the comment plug-in that allows commentors to leave a comment and also showcase their last post.  It is a wonderful way to meet new bloggers and to share comment-love!  How can you not Luv something that wants you to “Reward Your Readers”?

Andy, the brilliant mastermind behind CommentLuv, allows people to apply to be a guest blogger on his site.  Why?  To share the Luv, of course!  There is no hidden motive – you get to meet new bloggers, check out some great guest posts about a variety of topics, and learn amazing things about blogging.

Confused Sign

I knew zippola about blogging when I started.  I know a little more now, more in the area of things that were once a foreign language to me – widgets, plugins, code.  Thanks to guest bloggers and websites like CommentLuv, I’ve learned so much!

Of course, what I see when I visit CommentLuv are titles like this: 

How Can Video Marketing Convert Traffic

Breaking out of the Money Rut

How Plugins Make Bloggers Stupid

5 Reasons You Should AVOID Article Marketing Like the Plague

All very notable and relatively serious topics! 

Then there is mine:

Relationships: Does He Know He is Your Hero? 

There wasn’t even a subcategory for mine under Lifestyles.  But Andy knew how I wrote before he approved me as a guest blogger, so I guess he knows what he’s doing.  Maybe.  Ve vill see.

So you have someone who helps you share your blog with others.  A plugin that allows your commentors to share their own blogs.  The ability to Guest Blog and have thousands of people see it.  How can you not Luv something like that?

Please go over and check out CommentLuv – and share the Luv.  I’m just going to come right out and beg – please, please, please leave me some comment luv so I don’t feel like a guest blogger with a silly post amidst all that serious stuff going on there.  If you do, I’ll be your best friend!  I won’t gossip about you to the other bloggers!  I’ll let you play in my sandbox.  Swim in my pool?  Eat my only bar of chocolate?  NO, not that last one.  That’s just too much.

Seriously – check out CommentLuv, the guest bloggers, and if you’re not using CommentLuv, then consider it ’cause it’s great!  And if you want to leave a comment for little ole’ moi, go HERE!