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Shopping Doom

Well, I guess I shouldn’t call shopping doom except sometimes when I shop, if feels doom-y and is occasionally a huge waste of money. 

I know I am going to be facing some of my former enemies.  They are NOT going to go easy on me.  They surround me and taunt me, yelling, “Buy me, buy me, buy me.  You know you can’t resist me!  Nanny nanny boo boo! We’re going to take over your shopping buggy!”  Can you see why I hate grocery shopping?

OK, maybe it isn’t QUITE that bad but sometimes it feels that way.  How else do you explain how I can get home from shopping and find things in my grocery bags that I KNOW I didn’t put in there? Take Monday, for instance.  I made the mistake of going to the grocery store without eating breakfast first.  I set myself up.

I am doing really well eating whole foods and healthy.  I have EVERYTHING out of the house that should not be eaten while I’m on this Little Black Dress Diaries journey.  There aren’t even any frozen candy bars in the freezer, hidden behind the bags of broccoli.  Really!  So – how did I get home Monday with a frozen pizza?  Seriously – I want to know!

I know I didn’t put it into my shopping buggy – I wouldn’t do that to myself because it isn’t on my list of approved foods.  Everyone knows a frozen pizza has too many empty calories and is chock full of mega-chemicals so you KNOW I wouldn’t even consider buying one.

Except *sigh* I did.  I convinced myself t was actually the better of all the evils I was faced with. My stomach became a dictator – “Feed me” it cried.  “Get me something to eat!   Something you won’t have to fix when you get home since you know you can’t wait!  Chopping healthy vegetables will take too long.”  Who knew a stomach could whine so loud?

Grocery store food delis slay me if I get within smelling distance of all that fat-filled, salted for-sure-not-healthy-for-you food bar.  And walking past frozen cookie dough on the way to frozen vegetables takes strength I am not sure I can maintain very long so I run past (no, not really).   Somewhere in the back of my mind while purchasing multi-colored peppers, jalapenos, onions, broccoli, and the like, I justified that a frozen pizza would do less damage than anything else I could eat.  I mean, I pass several fast-food joints on the way home – all of which have given me the siren-call and pulled me onto their cliffs of death.

Problem with eating healthy, and getting off processed foods and chemicals is that your taste buds change.  It gets to the point you can actually taste the chemicals in processed foods.  It forever ruins you… well, I guess that is the wrong perspective now, isn’t it!?! 

Anyway, I popped that pizza in the oven, baked it, took it out, took a warm, ooey-gooey slice, and bit into it thinking, “heaven” – and it was HORRIBLE.  It tasted downright chemically and too salty.  I finally took it all outside and threw it on the burn-pile – because I sure didn’t want it tempting me to continue eating it.  I guess the dogs got it ’cause it’s gone.

Do you have ANY idea how many times I’ve done that? Bought something food related, gotten it home and decided, “Nah, I’m not blowing my diet with this” so threw it away? I’m not going to tell you. It’s cha-ching nutz.

Oh and wait – how long do you think it took to preheat the oven then bake that pizza?  Over 30 minutes – time I could have spent chopping peppers and making a salad.  Skewed skewed thinking.

Little Black Dress Diaries journey lesson – never, ever, ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.  Those naughty foods will jump into your buggy every time, to go home with you to help you undermine your healthy eating!

3 thoughts on “Shopping Doom

  1. I call it the processed food demon. You did well to throw it out. I have done the same thing but I had to learn not put it in my trash can because I would dig it out and brush it off. I used to think watching people that would throw cigs away and then go get them were crazy but not any crazier than us digging through the trash to get out the processed food we through away.

  2. I am amazed that your taste buds changed! How long have you been on this life-style change, Nan? Would that EVER happen to me????????????

    Thank you!!!! I got your book! It really looks interesting! We've been so busy after work this week that I haven't had a chance to do too much. Things should settle down soon and I'll be back into the groove.

    Love to you Kindred Nan!

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