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Slapping a Hippie

I’m sorry for the inside joke the other day.  I had just seen the show the night before and was still snickering over the humor.  I’m sure the joke is probably only funny to me and I can’t tell you WHY it hit me as so funny and seems to apply to a lot of situations in my life, but there it is.  The thing that separates us into individuals – our sense of humor (or lack thereof).

These guys are my big IT!  They have nothing to do with my journey except for the laughter part – and laughter is always good!  Always! 

The one thing I promised Alpha Hubby when we married 16.5333 years ago was that he’d laugh.  Laughter is a given in our household.  Another thing in this household is that we don’t watch regular tv – i.e., series – i.e., no American Idol (I heard that gasp), no ummm – well, whatever; I don’t know what’s big out there anymore. 

When we’d first married, we watch a few months of late evening television, then made the decision that we were wasting time we could be spending with one another.  So I’d say 15.6 years ago, we stopped watching commercial television and spent the evening with one another.  Well… except for recently.

A thing we never started was watching movies that were really curse-filled (hard to do, I know) or just nawsty (by our standards – I’m sorry but I just don’t want Alpha Hubby watching some other woman’s boobs and I FOR SURE don’t want to see any other man’s toot toot.

Alpha Son usually lets us know, “No, you don’t want to watch that one” so we don’t.  That doesn’t leave a lot of movies until we discovered Pixar and Dreamworks (and the like) when they began adding in adult humor (adult like parent not adult like porn) so that the parents didn’t suffer for taking their kids to cartoon movies.  Ice Age, Monster’s Inc, etc. are a few that made us laugh so much!  This is an explanation so you understand why we are hooked on these guys, The Penguins of Madagascar

They were first seen in the movie Madagascar 1 and had a larger role in 2 – then – lo and behold – they now have a weekly slot on Nickelodeon.  I am sooooo happy!

Their bio goes, “…these placid-looking penguins are actually an elite strike force with unmatched commando skills and a secret headquarters. Their mission? To maintain order in the zoo…”  You have to see it to understand it.  I often wonder if kids enjoy them since most of the humor is such that Alpha Hubby and I “get it” (hmmm, maybe that says something about us…  nah!).

Anyway, most adults we know don’t watch any of these type movies.  It boggles my mind because the movies are so hysterical – but I guess the aduts are just too… dull and boring serious and mature to be caught watching cartoons.  They are missing some great laughter –

Slapping a hippie (now I used to be one so don’t get all huffy on me) – Skipper, the head penguin, was told there was a time machine.  He was so glad because then they could travel back and put an end to the hippie movement.  Remember, these are an elite commando team – they wouldn’t like hippies (smile).  When something went wrong with the time machine, his only concern was, “Well, good, as long as I get to slap a hippie.”  That just hit me funny – if you don’t find it funny or think I’ve lost my marbles, that’s OK – just tune in tomorrow when I’m back to norm. Besides, Alpha Hubby likes finding my marbles after I lose them!

Alpha Hubby and I do have a very warped sense of humor together.  We laugh a lot at the dumbest things.  We find humor in the weirdest situations.  We choose to laugh when we could be freaking.  He uses it to diffuse a situation (i.e., when I’m a bit ticked.  Could be why we’re still hot for one another after all these years… but that is tomorrow’s post!). 

*Ahem* anyway, if you have kids and don’t watch Pixar or Dreamworks, you’re missing out on some great opportunities to laugh.  Of course, our kid is out of the house and has been for a few years, and we still love these movies!

9 thoughts on “Slapping a Hippie

  1. It makes me very happy to read that I am not the only adult who enjoys these movies. I may have crossed the line though when I DVRd The Penguins of Madagascar cartoon show. It wasn’t as good as I’d hoped and now hubby won’t let it drop! :p

  2. THANK GOODNESS these cartoon writers do include some great comedic lines for us grownups who are subjected to the shows day-in and day-out. Otherwise we’d lose our minds while we’re trying to shelter our kids’ minds!
    We LOVE the penguins!
    Visiting from SITS.

  3. I agree with Skipper, I would like to slap a hippie. I grew up in that generation but was never one. I may of been a lot of things but that was not one of them. To me there many reasons I would like to slap a hippie but aside from those reasons, those penguin guys bring a lot of laughter to our house!

  4. Oh yeah. Madagascar was great. Even though my kids are grown, I still see kids’ movies. I take my sister’s kids so that I have an excuse!

    By the way, Beezus and Ramona was awesome. I always loved Beverly Cleary’s books, and the movie stayed pretty true to the book.

  5. Sue – are you going to rent a kid to see if it makes you laugh? That’s sure what it sounds like, heh heh heh!!

  6. I guess you had to be there! Or weird. Sorry just had to throw that out but I do so hope it doesn’t make you want to slap a hippy (har)

  7. Cartoons? I hadn’t thought about it. I have heard of the ones you mentioned but just didn’t think about watching any myself. Of course I don’t have any children but I might rent one and see if it makes me laugh. Laughing I like!

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