Snowmen and torture…

November 14th, 2009

Today is one of the last weekends I’ll spend in my old home. I took pictures of all the special things Alpha Hubby did to make this an amazing home and to remember all the things he did here, just for me (raise ceilings anyone?). I’ll post them later. It’s been a wonderful home but now we’re moving on up!

So in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and to poke fun at Alpha Hubby for all the things he’s suffered at my hand, today I will celebrate something I am thankful for…


I just love snowmen. I love them most of all because they drive Alpha Hubby bonkers. He constantly threatens to exterminate them but never really has… that I know of. I try to only buy special ones – ones that are unusual and not common. Nothing is worse than a common snowman (heh heh). It takes something really special to drive Alpha Hubby up a wall. I work hard at my job. I am good at it.

Enjoy PART of my snowman collection with me.

 GroupSoft     Jake

 Snowmen      Snowmen-x (4)

 Closeup      Melting

 Snowman Candles 2   Fat Snowman3

 Group      JakeGroup 

 Snowman plate      Wreath

3 Responses to “Snowmen and torture…”

  1. I love that huge blow up snowman! So cute…

    Hope your move goes as smoothly as possible!!

  2. Leland says:

    There will be a snowman give away to other homes. They may not survive!!!!!

  3. CottageGirl says:

    Holy snowmen! You aren’t kidding when you say you have a collection! And that’s only PART of your collection?

    Snowmen do make me smile … and so … if you are in the process of moving … I think you’ll need all the smiles you can get!

    Happy moving!

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