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Sometimes an orange just won’t do…

Sometimes it’s hard to just eat RIGHT. When you are supposed to eat an orange, your body says, “But I want something CRUNCHY” and so you ignore your healthy conscience, obey your body and chow down on a mirowave bag of popcorn instead of the orange. Then you suffer untold guilt because of the calores, excess salt, and the fact that you should have eaten something healthier.

I’m having to retrain my head to listen to wisdom instead of letting my body bossing me around. It is not always easy, that’s for sure. If it were, I wouldn’t be in this position.

Major lesson here: if you shouldn’t be eating it right now, DO NOT HAVE IT IT YOUR CUPBOARD! I had to give the microwave popcorn away – *sigh* – but it is for my own good! Too much salt, too many calories, way too many chemicals, and just plain NOT good for me. Regular popcorn is better in so many ways.

I recommend you go through your pantry and cupboards, and get rid of anything that could be a temptation to you. Anything that would ruin all the hard work you are putting in every day – get rid of it.

Then the next time you need to make a food choice, your body may scream, “junk food, junk food” but you won’t have any to feed it. Drink some water then reach for an orange, apple, boiled egg – anything on your list of approved foods!

I am going to have to go find some safe, healthy snacks – oh joy, back to rice cakes! Ummm… NOT! How about a pear? Without the dumbbells!!

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