What to blog about on a beautiful Tews Day morning.  How about… hummingbirds?  And SUGAR?

Have you ever noticed how hyper hummingbirds are?  I have to wonder if it isn’t because of all that sugar they drink from feeders with homemade feeder syrup – sugar, water and food coloring!  Makes you wonder about your own body, huh!? Well, it should!

We do not have to consume white, refined sugar to be consuming sugar. It’s everywhere and it includes sucrose (as in table sugar), glucose, fructose (as in fruit sugar), lactose (as in milk), maltose or malts (as in rice malt and honey), jam (contains concentrated juice which is high in fruit sugar), palm sugar (traditionally used in macrobiotic cooking), maple syrup, corn syrup, and the very sneaky and BAD-4-you organic brown sugar, which is not all that different from white sugar. Even alcohol is a sugar… and brown rice syrup (a “hidden” sugar in some Kashi cereals).

Take a look at some of the things sugar can do to you, your body, your DNA, and your weight loss program, then think twice before eating so much of it from now on:

* Sugar is a major downfall in overweight people.  For obese individuals, consuming even a teaspoon of sugar a day would cause metabolic imbalances that contribute to obesity.

* Sugar can decrease growth hormone (the key to staying youthful and lean)

* Sugar feeds cancer

* Sugar greatly assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast infections)

* Sugar increases cholesterol

* Sugar can weaken eyesight

* Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity

* Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein

* Sugar causes food allergies

* Sugar contributes to diabetes

* Sugar can contribute to eczema

* Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease

* Sugar can impair the structure of DNA

* Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness

* Sugar contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection (infectious diseases)

* Sugar contributes to osteoporosis

Try honey (if you don’t like the strong flavor of clover, try alfalfa; it’s very mild [link on left, The Honey jar]), xylitol or stevia as alternate choices for sweeteners.  Raw honey has a long list of beneficial functions.  Honey increases calcium absorption, can increase hemoglobin count and treat or prevent anemia caused by nutritional factors, can help arthritic joints when combined with apple cider vinegar, can help fights colds and respiratory infections of all kinds, can help to boost gastrointestinal ulcer healing, provides an array of vitamins and minerals, and supplies instant energy without the insulin surge caused by white sugar.