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Ta Da!!!

I have all sorts of oldies love songs on my playlist on the player in the sidebar.  If you don’t wanna hear any of them, click on the sideways equal sign and pause the music!

So as you may know I was having some problems with my blog, losing entire years worth of work or finding a copy that was warped, missing pictures or adding symbols.  Some of it was backed up which proved useless as while I was able to back up, I was not able to restore it back to my website.  Major grrrr going on here in my office.

After much agony and research and learning new code information and stuff I’ll probably never, ever need again, I semi-determined that it possibly was my theme and permalinks and “who knows what-all” suddenly going wonky.  So I played with a theme they recommended that was clean and supposedly wonky-free. Problem with that theme is it was very very B-O-R-I-N-G.  Plain and ordinary.  Blah. Nothing special.

So years ago I’d saved this particular theme you see simply because I thought it was cool.  The girl originally looked like this:

Pretty girl
Pretty Girl BP

Which is all fine and dandy EXCEPT she is wearing a pretty pink dress and this is a blog (and in my closet is) about Little BLACK dresses.  That wouldn’t do.  I eventually discovered she’d made several ladies, one pregnant, one blonde and one with grey-silver hair!  And I may or may not have some rey-silver-white hair.  I’m not saying I do.  I’m not saying.

So I wrote to the creator and asked if she could make me one with a black dress and she quickly obliged!  How cool is that?  

Yes, Miss Catarina from has a few Word Press themes and is pretty amazing.  I love this new feminine theme and right now it’s working for me perfectly!  I am so grateful to this generous and talented woman.

Life is too short to have an ugly boring theme!  That doesn’t represent any of us, for sure.  We are all just too amazing!

11 thoughts on “Ta Da!!!

  1. My sympathies on your bloggie troubles. Grrrr indeed!
    Love the chic new look, though, and the juxtaposition with True Love and Cows is delightful. 🙂

  2. Very very sexy & charming illustration, Nan. Love it! And I think most or all bloggers can relate to your blogging headaches. Readers don’t usually know what goes on behind the scenes, but there’s lots of gggrrring and hand wringing and pulling out of hair. xxxx

    1. If I hadn’t had the problems I wouldn’t have contacted Catarina and gotten my LBD lady – so in the end, except for a lot of work on individual files, it was kind of worth it!

  3. You are a rock star, Nan!! Everything looks terrific and you knocked this out of the park. The woman in the black dress has yummilicious written from head to toe. We are so happy that you got the kinks worked out yet sorry for what you loss.

    p.s. Phoenix asked if you could put some “Who Let The Dogs Out” in your playlist 🙂

    1. I will immediately put that on my play list!!! I loved that song – first heard it in Men in Black 2!!!

    1. YOU are way more amazing! I luff your amazingness. I am glad your amazingness is in my e-life!!

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