Ten points:

  1. One time when I was down and blue, a wise person told me to sit down with a journal, a piece of paper, a notebook, just something, and write down ten (10) down that I liked about myself.
  2. It was VERY hard at first. I wasn’t used to thinking nice things about myself.  Most people aren’t.  We are conditioned to believe if we admit what’s good about ourselves, we’re selfish and conceited.
  3. I was also told that for every time I said, “I hate this about me” or “I don’t like that about me” I also had to say “BUT I really do like this about me”.
  4. The reason? When a person makes a sentence that has the word “but” in it, what comes before the word “but” is erased by what comes after.  You know, like when someone says, “I love you but…” you just erased the “I love you.”  Or “Oh I know you like that about me but…” you are saying you don’t believe they are telling the truth. 
  5. We can learn to annihilate our negative perceptions by replacing them with positive ones.
  6. Learn to say “thank you” and then stop talking.  None of that “Oh this ole thing??” when someone compliments what you are wearing.   Get rid of any disqualifying words that negate what the compliment was.
  7. Sometimes it takes work but it is important to stop putting ourselves down and to see our own worth.
  8. You are an amazing person.
  9. Learn to be amazed with yourself more often.
  10. It is time for you to see it.  Without qualifications.

Now go. 

Write down TEN (10) things about yourself that are positive.  POS-I-TIVE.  Take your time but write them down no matter how long it takes.  Then – and here’s the hard part – start to believe them.