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The Magic Dumbbell


Once upon a time there was a bee-you-tee-full Hollywood movie star who had been pregnant then delivered a beautiful baby girl. She had a movie premier she needed to appear at, but alas!  When she looked down at her body, she squawked and cried aloud, “Alas! I have put on 50 pounds. Oh woe is me, what shall I do? OH! Why I know,” she sighed in delight, “I’ll call in my wondrous fairy god mother – no no wrong story – my wondrous fairy personal trainer – he’ll know what to do!”

Into the bee-you-tee-full star’s palatial driveway zoomed the handsome fairy personal trainer in his expensive Ferrari. He leaped out of his car carrying his magic tool bag, ran into the house and cried, “I am here to save the day! Let me look at you!”  He paused in his running to glare at her, flung back his glorious mane of salon-styled hair and declared, “Non, non, non! You are zee disaster, bee-you-tee-full Hollywood star! You have zee 50 pounds on zee bee-you-tee-full body.  Theeze do not belong there! Zees is zee dee-zas-stair! We can not have zees.  It would besmirch my famous name.  And et iz all about c’est moi.

“No worries, let me dig out zee magic wand,” he paused, digging into his magic tool bag, “urr, no no, wrong story, dagnabit,” he muttered (although his clients thought he was from France, he was truly Elmer from Arkansas), “magic dumbbell, magic dumbbell! Ah yes, here is zee miracle! Zee magic dumbbell!”

He dramatically shook his golden magic dumbbell at the bee-you-tee-full-Hollywood movie star with the beautiful baby girl and the unsightly 50 pounds on her famous body and cried, “BEGONE oh thou foul excess weight and body fat. Vanish and never come back again.”

And poof, the 50 pounds were magically gone from the bee-you-tee-full Hollywood movie star’s body, including her thighs, thankyouverymuch, and they all lived happily ever after… NOT.

You’ll have to read the next blog to find out what the moral of this story is…. 

The Magic Dumbell, Part Deux – click on the link below to find out the moral to this amazing story: 


Magic Dumbbell Story Copyright © 5/2009 Nan C Loyd